Anti-aging creams; the truth!

by Pooja Late so cut

This article is solely about anti aging creams and what they do and don’t do and to correct and affirm the conceptions and misconceptions surrounding these cosmetics. Using extensive research, I’ve curated a list of the most trivial questions about anti aging creams and we’ll be answering them for you.

“Is it true that these products only work on wrinkles?”

No! A resounding no. Aging isn’t defined by just wrinkles, aging is a so much more it’s sagging skin that looks like you’ve not touched collagen for years, it’s frown lines that gives you a resting angry face so as far as you get the best anti aging cream off the top shelf, you are also fighting against other aging properties on your face and body

“I use retinol everyday, is that a good thing?”

While retinol is an amazing skin product for shedding off a skin layer for a smoother one, you’re no snake, constant shedding cracks and peel your skin.

“I started making DIY(Do It Yourself) anti aging creams, those work right?”

 While we strongly believe that the fountain of youth is in no way adjacent to your kitchen, home made products are very effective to uplift aging skin but they can’t do it like you’d want without the help of a clinically made product.

“A spray tan will make me look younger! I don’t need a cream”

We would like you to think of what a brown/orange raisin might look like. A spray tan on a wrinkled body may not be your best idea yet. A cream is the most effective tool in looking younger.

“It won’t work if it’s cheap”

We’re strongly against your notion because all creams work though some are more luxurious than others but they all serve the same purpose and most of the time, the price is determined by the social capital attached to the brand name. Some of the best anti aging creams for some people won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Do anti ageing creams work immediately?

We wish dreams did come true and and anti aging cream was an eraser in the paper that is time but it’s not. Anti aging creams become more and more effective over time and patience is highly advised for better results

“I’m far too young to use anti aging products”

This is wrong because it’s never too early to start shaving some years off. In the long run you’d have done yourself a whole lot of good.

Is the colour of the skin a factor shopping for skincare products?

What should be on your mind is your skin type and its needs. Regardless of your racial background, to be healthy we all need the same types of nutritious foods. From carbohydrates to proteins to fatty acids and amino acids. Also if you have oily or dry skin, that matters a lot.

“Skincare products are harmful”

We don’t expect a lot of support from conservatives when it comes to trying not to look your age and while we understand their reasons for this belief it’s quite wrong. Skin care products when used properly and moderately do no harm to the body. They should not be mistaken for Botox that has proven to be harmful. It is also much safer than cosmetic surgery. 

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