Anti Captcha API- Why you are getting Recaptcha in Google Search?

by Farhan Ali Digial Marketing

Google needs no introduction. One of the most famous search engine that offers excellent search results that most of relying upon without any questions. Whenever you post your query, it will come up with the results. However, not everyone out there gets the same because many of us have to prove that they are human. Yes, sometimes it happens that when you search for the specific word you get the Recaptcha and you will have to complete it every time you search. You may use anti captcha API to complete the Captcha, but there is a question, why is this happening to you? The anticaptcha will offer you Captcha solving service but getting Captcha too often will be a frustrating situation. Here is why you are getting it.

Your IP Address

Usually, internet service providers will provide either static or dynamic IP addresses to their large customer base. It changes every time you connect to the internet. Google check every IP address that search which and if your IP address is marked in the database as the spam or suspicious then you will get t complete the Captcha every time you search from Google. Though using the anti-Captcha can be a good idea, but it can be frustrating to get the Captcha over and over again. To avoid such Captcha situation, just reset the modem or turn it off and wait for a few moments and turn it on. It often changes the problem, and you will not have to use any anti captcha API to solve the Captcha as well.

The Use Of VPN

The VPN is one of the most commonly used apps by internet surfers. It is mostly used to access blocked websites in many countries. It redirects the internet traffic to the alternate route. It hides the original IP and allocates a different IP which is the primary reason behind getting the Captcha while searching. Because your IP is random so you may have been allotted an IP that was marked suspicious just like your ISP providers, Or maybe the server they are connecting to has some malware activities which is why you is happening. Before you opt to the anti captcha key, you must contact your VPN service if you are using premium and ask them to connect to another server.

Public Internet Service

Free WIFI is one of the most exceptional services that everyone will like to have, and this is the reason that people often visit cafes and restaurants to enjoy free public internet. However, this public Wifi can be used for hacking and other malicious activities as well. So if you are using public Wifi, then you are more likely to get the Captcha Recaptcha every time you are using Google. So, avoid using too much public Wifi if you don’t want to get annoyed by the Captcha and don’t want to use anti-Captcha too often while surfing the internet. However, even taking precaution, if you are getting the Captcha too much then opt for anti captcha API and enjoy hassle-free internet.

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