Anatomy of a Vape: The 6 Parts of a Vaporizer

by Kevin Smith Author

Vaping is an experience that's similar to cigarette smoking. However, unlike traditional cigarettes where the tobacco is combusted and inhaled, vapes work by heating a substance until it "vaporizes." This "vapor," an aerosol-like gas that comes in unique flavors and varying intensities, can range from a trickling smoke up to a thick cloud. To achieve this, "vapers" use a cigarette-like device that's powered by electricity called vaporizers or vapes. Today, 3 types of vapes are commonly used and can be bought from a vape shop in Providence, RI:



         Vape Pens

         Box Mods


These types vary in shape and size, but all of them have a similar structure. Learning a vape's different parts is key to understanding how it works. Here are the 6 parts of a vape.


The Battery

This is the powerhouse of the vape. Batteries provide energy for the device. They vary in size depending on the type of vape where they'll be used. Cig-a-likes usually have the smallest batteries and box mods have the largest ones.


The Concentrate

The concentrate or the "e-juice" is the substance that becomes the vapor you'll inhale when vaping. These usually consist of chemicals like vegetable glycerin, food flavorings, and even nicotine. Each ingredient of this solution creates the distinct "taste" of the e-juice, which may be that of pastries, fruits, and even certain dishes.


The Coil

Coils are small spring-like resistance wires that heat up and regulate the concentrate. These springs are commonly made from reactive metals like Kanthal, nichrome, or nickel. These metals determine and distribute the right amount of power that will be used to "vaporize" the concentrate.


The Wick

Similar to candle wicks, vape wicks bring the liquid to the coil. These mediums can be made of ceramic, cotton, Ekowool, steel mesh, or twisted silica.

The Atomizer

The atomizer is responsible for housing and heating the coil. This component is a heat-resistant cartridge that's used as a reservoir for the concentrate. These cartridges come in many styles to cater to the needs of different users.


The Tank

The tank is a tech-infused storage for the components of the vape. It has special features that allow the user to track all that's happening within the unit, such as the device's battery life, e-juice level, and the voltage used to heat the e-juice.


Learning about the components of a vape can guide you to make a better purchase in a vape shop in Providence, RI. Once you have your device, make it a habit to inspect its parts to see if they all work perfectly to ensure a quality vaping experience. 

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