Analysis of problems of LED lighting products

by Ente G. LED lighting for sale
LED lighting products are all-electronic components and parts, two important components of the drive power plus LED lamp beads, all electronic components, and structural parts. Electronic components and processing technology are now very mature, thereby LED lighting products can easily any assembled, and large and small companies are not particularly disparity technology gap. LED-based lighting products, features, three issues that I think LED lighting products: First, the interface program issues; the second is the problem of technical indicators that must be marked; Third LED lighting products will also affect sales in the form of its own characteristics, there will be supermarket class LED stores.

Built-in power LED lamps, external is a whole only one external interface, like E27, E14, E40, B22, etc. These interfaces are adopted in the early incandescent and energy-saving lamps interface, input voltages are grid voltage, direct replacement for incandescent light and energy use, ordinary customers can substitute does not cause problems. In addition, for example, lights and ceiling panels, ceiling lamps, and other lamps and light sources are integrated, the structure of such lamps has power and light integration, external power input line only, but also a separate drive and light fixtures. Such light on the formation of two interfaces, one LED light source and drive power connector, the other one is the driving power and the input interface of the grid. These interfaces are now part of the interface to adopt the old lighting fixtures, some manufacturers choose. Particular note is that now the market LED lamp, especially in use ordinary fluorescent T8 tube bracket, one is doubly-terminated market power, one end is the zero line, one end of the line of fire. One is a single termination market power, two feet at one end, one is a zero line is the line of fire, the other end vacancy. Imagine if a single-ended LED lamp is damaged, while the customer happens to buy a double-ended tube substitution of LED lighting products, that will be a problem. led grow lights

Now LED lighting products are not what should be done and to meet the standards, it is important that in addition to the safety standards that must be met, LED product indicators do what. For different occasions for lighting, illumination requirements are not the same, different lighting reading lamp lighting and road lighting, office lighting, and walkway lighting are not the same. In the whole lamp life of LED, for example, such as a lot of the corridor, before the mirror, bathroom and other places lighting, daily use of time is very short, it should be said that thousands of hours of time to failure of 2000 has been to meet needs. And many home lighting no more than four hours a day, a year is 1500 hours, 8000 hours should be said that the failure of the lamp needs enough, four years before replacing the LED lighting products is certainly light effect would be higher up. The part of the plant, office, and commercial lighting needs more than 14 hours a day, a year is 5,000 hours lamp life so we should reach more than 20,000 hours, the minimum should be more than 15,000 hours. Another example of underground parking garage lights use 24 hours a year is 9,000 hours lamp life that is longer, and 50,000 hours of LED lamp failure should be ideal. In addition, different occasions color temperature, color rendering index, etc. will also have specific requirements. best led headlights

Different expiration times of lamps, luminaires, and different occasions, the technical indicators are different, not the same scheme used, the cost should also be very different. Release lamps are used to define different occasions, this should also be the development direction of LED lighting products. Indicators of common LED lighting products should be an interface, input voltage, power, luminous flux, color temperature, aging time, and color rendering index. These indicators clearly marked, will facilitate customers a better choice of products, manufacturers of products will be able to do more competitive.

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