An Underground Concrete Water Tank: Why Professional Installation Is Important

by Marta Jordan Writer
The Australian weather can get quite extreme sometimes due to its hot summers and scarce rainfall. Water shortages and drought-like situations can occur unexpectedly, and it will put you through a lot of hassles if you are not well-prepared for such situations. 

That's why responsible property owners invest in efficient water storage systems. Professionally installed water storage systems can help you save water throughout the year, ensuring a steady supply of water in times of shortages. 

When it comes to water tanks, concrete water tanks are preferred the most by homeowners due to the several benefits that these tanks have. Here are some of the benefits of installing an underground concrete water tank that makes them the best choice for Australian homes.

Benefits of concrete water tanks

● Cost-effectiveness

Concrete is a highly affordable material compared to other materials used to build water tanks. The water storage system is more of a one-time investment, and therefore, homeowners prefer to invest in a material that saves money in the long run. Concrete lasts longer and requires very little maintenance over time.

● Durability

Concrete is highly durable, and that's the reason why most durable constructions around the world are made from concrete. If well-made, a concrete structure can last for many years, even in tough conditions. So, underground water tanks made from concrete won't need a replacement or repair for many years if maintained well.

● Maintains the quality of water

Well-maintained concrete water tanks will not allow any bacteria and pathogens to build up in the stored water. It also acts as an insulative material protecting the water from outside weather and temperature changes. As concrete is less prone to wear and tear, the water inside is not affected by the material, maintaining the taste, quality and freshness of water throughout the year.

● Fits different requirements

Concrete water tanks are made in different sizes and shapes to suit all types of installations. They do not look bulky and anaesthetic at a property. And due to its durability, underground installation is also possible where there is a limitation of space. 

● Adds value

A good-quality underground concrete water tank is a long-lasting investment, and therefore, it adds value to your property. Having an efficient water storage system takes away a lot of hassles, and therefore, the buyers don't mind paying a little extra for a property that has efficient resource management systems pre-installed.

Why professional installation service is important

No matter how many benefits they have, professional installation is what decides whether you'll be able to reap any of those benefits or not. 

Concrete water tanks are not a temporary installation, and if done incorrectly, you can be stuck with a bulky low-quality tank for years. Unauthorised and amateur service providers may false-advertise and install low-quality tanks that do not offer the same level of efficiency. If the tank is not good enough, you will be losing a lot of money due to frequent repairs and reduced longevity of the installed tanks.

Professional service providers use the best quality of material to provide supreme durability and value for money. Due to the years of experience, professional service providers can understand your needs the best, and therefore they can suggest the best option for you. 

Professional service providers can also offer better customisation options on size, the number of risers and other features. With professionals, the installation process is more precise, quick and efficient. 

There are various standards that rainwater tanks must comply with, and amateur service providers may not be aware of all of them. A professional water tank company will not only educate you about all the standards, but they will also take care that all the compliance standards are adhered to during the manufacture and installation of water tanks.  

So, when you hire professional service providers, you get a highly durable tank and a high-quality installation service, which will save you a lot of money over the long run. 

In summary

Unsurprisingly, water is highly essential, and as responsible residents of the world, one must always make efficient use of water. An underground concrete water tank is the simplest yet the most efficient way of storing water and reducing water wastage. 

So, if you are thinking about a new storage installation at your property, search for a leading water tank manufacturer today!

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