An Introduction and the Basics of Printed Circuit Boards

by Darrin Hein Marketing

Printed Circuit Board Assembly involves the procedure for establishing a connection between electronic components and wirings.


In the electronics field, there is no way you would be able to ignore PCBs. You will most probably encounter one in the everyday devices you use. People start using these electronic devices often without having any idea about the technology responsible for their operations. A vast majority of people can identify these boards when they see one. In the heart of any electronic device lie the miniature green chips that are connected with copper lines.


Get an overview


In its basic form, a PCB consists of a plastic board with copper lines and padding. These lines are made from a copper layer. Electrical charges flow through these copper lines. This is the way power is provided to various components which are systematically arranged on the board. The copper traces function as wires and helps in the transmission of electricity to the right destination. Printed Circuit Board Assembly acts as the core of modern electronic devices.


·       Basic elements


Printed Circuit Board Assembly involves various phases and is now an integral part of our daily lives. Solder paste is a chemical that bonds the metal. A solder stencil is used for the placement of the paste at specific points on the board. An automatic machine is used for the application of paste in precise amounts. You should try for manual execution, in case you are not able to get your hands on automatic machines. Pick and place machines are used for the placement of surface mount devices on the board. Then it is directed towards the reflow oven for the joining of electronic components through the melting of solder paste. A couple of tests are done to make sure that no misalignments are taking place. During the through-hole assembly method components with lead are inserted in the predrilled holes. 


·       Quality quick turn


Picking the perfect PCB manufacturer is essential. You should ensure that you are working with a knowledgeable partner who can provide quick turn promises. Keep in mind that not all professionals have the ability to deal with a quick turn. You should ask the expert specific questions regarding their delivery time, especially when tight turnaround time is involved. You should have a clear idea about how the various layers and lead times have an impact on delivery. You should not be satisfied with hopeful assurances, but you should request numerical figures. 


·       PCB capabilities


You should ask about the various products and services. Explore the options starting from flexible PCB to rigid PCB. You should inquire about the kind of equipment utilized during the manufacturing process. Find out about the professional service provider that will help in the improvement of turnaround time. 


·       Past track record


You would not want to hire an employee for your organization without running a check on the references. In the same way, you should not commit the same mistake regarding a PCB partner. You should look into the website of professional service providers and find out if the customers are satisfied with their experience. Take some time out to go through the case studies. In case you do not find them on the site, place a request to them for examples. They should provide information about their dealings in the past. 


Taking a smart decision


It is a rational decision to conduct an extensive study on the internet to obtain those names that have carved a reputation in PCB fabrication. You may seek recommendations from business associates. Devote additional time to read the reviews of past clients. Do not forget to inquire about the pricing structure. 


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