Amazing Health Benefits Of Stretching Regularly

by Brittany Wolfe Content Writer

Stretching has many benefits on an individuals health and it is an important component in maintaining the body’s stability and flexibility. Stretching is often done in conjunction with exercise, physical therapy and even with chiropractic adjustment in Denver to promote quick healing and gain maximum benefits.

Stretching has both mental and physical benefits and it is an integral part of many holistic therapies like Yoga, spinal decompression, etc. If you make stretching a regular part of your exercise regimen, you will notice many health benefits. Here are some of the most impactful benefits of stretching.

Increases Flexibility

This is one of the most important benefits of stretching. Stretching improves the overall flexibility of your body and if you stretch everyday even for a few minutes, you will notice a significant improvement in the flexibility of your body. With improved flexibility, your day to day task becomes much easier and also delays the reduction in range of motion that comes with aging.

Improves Posture

Tight and stiff muscles from sitting for extended work hours or a sedentary lifestyle can lead to poor posture. The muscles in our hips, back, and chest are prone to becoming stiff over a period of time due to lack of movement and this can lead to a bad posture. Stretching regularly will improve your posture. Stretching muscles like the pectorals, the hamstring and the trapezius are great for improving the posture.

Prepares You For Working Out

If you regularly stretch before working out, it will prepare you better for working out. A physical trainer will always ask you to include dynamic stretching as a part of the workout regimen. By stretching your muscles before working out prepares your body to exercise efficiently and also to absorb high forces. Stretching fires up the  mind muscle connection, which also improves the efficiency of the exercise. 

Ends Your Workout On A Positive Note

Stretching is not limited to only pre workout, you can also do it after your workout session is over. After a heavy workout session, doing some stretches helps end your workout in a positive and more calmer note.  Finishing off the workout regimen with some gentle stretches will help you end your exercise on a positive note and as such you will be more likely to  go back to working out again.

You Can Point Out Bodily Imbalances

Stretching allows you to pinpoint the lack of flexibility in certain areas. When you stretch, you identify the imbalances in your body and can work on them to improve the flexibility of the body.  For example, when you are doing a stretch that involves your hamstrings, you might notice that you are able to stretch one side better than the other and this might probably have been showing up in other exercises as well. So, by identifying your areas of weakness, you can improve it by stretching that part regularly.

It Is An Act Of Self-Care

Stretching is a very effective form of selfcare. The slow and controlled movement of the body not only promotes a sense of relief but also helps you feel more connected to your body. Practices like Yoga and Tai Chi involve such stretching of the body which are powerful restorative processes.  You can also discuss with a holistic doctor in Denver to understand the benefits of stretching in everyday life.

Improves Aches And Pains

Long working hours where you have to sit all day long can lead to stiff muscles which can cause pain and achiness in different parts of the body. By stretching everyday for a few minutes allows you to realign the spine and alleviate the conditions of aches and pains. The improvement in the flexibility of the muscles combats tightness and stiffness in them and thus reverses the process of adaptive shortness of the spine. While working long hours, stand up after every hour or two and do some dynamic stretches for five minutes and you will notice a significant difference in the achiness.

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