All You Need To Know About Pcod Test in Mumbai And Its Treatment

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PCOD is a very common problem in women nowadays. Blame it on the heredity or the lifestyle, this disease has raised much concern among women of all age group. Polycystic ovarian disease also called polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal misbalance in which the ovaries develop multiple cysts and as a result fail to release eggs regularly. Even if the eggs are released, they don’t mature and forms sac like follicles, fluids get accumulated in those follicles which eventually forms cysts.

Multiple cysts make the ovaries large in size producing excess amount of hormones like estrogen and androgen that disturbs the normal menstrual cycle. There are many diagnostic centers that conduct PCOD tests in Mumbai where you can book PCOD tests online and get your tests done at your own convenient time. This condition cannot be fully cured however treatment may help in certain cases. Some of the treatment procedures are discussed hereunder, have a look at these.

If your USG shows a PCOS then it needs immediate treatment as the disease is associated with multiple risk factors. However the treatment is focused mainly on the goals as some women are more concerned about the regularity of their menstrual cycle while others are mainly concerned about their fertility issues. Treatment procedures include the following:

Oral medications:

If fertility is your main concern then oral medications are administered to induce ovulation. If ovulation does not happen by simpler treatments then Gonadotropin therapy may have to be induced to get fast results. Get your polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) test in Nagpur done fast.

Oral Contraceptive pills:

If fertility is not the main concern then oral contraception may be adhered to for correcting issues like acne and facial hair and to regularize the menstrual cycle. However these contraceptive pills can only give temporary relief to PCOD problems.

Wedge resection:

If you are diagnosed with PCOD in the polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) test in Delhi then another corrective measure can be implemented but this measure has multiple risks associated with it. Wedge resection is a technique where some parts of the ovary producing excessive amount of androgens are removed surgically. Risks like pelvic adhesions and loss of ovarian tissues are associated with it and thus this method is not practiced nowadays.

Laser drilling:

Laser drilling is comparatively a better procedure as compared to wedge resection but still it is not much in practice. This is because researchers have found equivalent results for treating PCOD using gonadotropin therapy and thus this procedure is not recommended by doctors anymore.

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