All you need to know about Mechanical Seals

by Sweta Shah HR Executive in Ambica Machine Tools

Since time immemorial, process industry has always heavily relied on mechanical seals. Pivoting hardware is of utmost importance in the industry on account of variegated reasons. Mechanical seals keep any sort of spillage through shafts at bay, protecting the machine and that is why it is extremely important for the administrators to pay adequate attention to this vital component.

Mechanical seals assist in sealing the rotary component of the shaft alongside the stationary component of the housing in a centrifugal pump. Since they serve the purpose of a packing between the rotary and stationary part of a centrifugal pump, they help prevent any kind of fluid leakages from coming about. Besides, they work as a slider bearing and a check valve as well. The obvious function of a check valve is to prevent liquid from leaking out of the pump under heavy pressures and preventing air from being drawn into the pump under vacuum conditions.

According to mechanical seal manufacturers in India, the centrifugal pump uses a variety of fluids and at times these fluids can be hazardous to human beings and the environment. That’s why the importance of mechanical seals just cannot be undermined.

Advantages of a Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seals offer a variety of advantages. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using mechanical seals, as explained by the best mechanical seal manufacturers in India-

  • Mechanical seals are known for sustaining high pressures of fluids and even of highly corrosive fluids. Unlike compressible packing with which there is always some amount of leakage, mechanical seals offer superior performance. Also, compressible packing sometime fail to perform well under the deteriorating effects of chemicals, which isn’t the case with mechanical seals.
  • Mechanical seals don’t require much maintenance.
  • Since the friction between the moving parts is eliminated the power consumed by the centrifugal pump also reduces by a significant margin.
  • Mechanical seals are manufactured in a variety of designs by mechanical seal manufacturers in India to cater to diverse needs.
  • Mechanical seals ensure almost zero or negligible leakage and hence score pretty good on performance.
  • There is absolutely no need to use a sleeve to mount mechanical seals.

Mechanical seals are crucial as they add to long term cost-effectiveness. Not only do they reduce pump failures, but also reduce potential safety threats. Mechanical seals are quite durable and easy to repair if needed. Repairing a mechanical seal doesn’t cost you much.

It can be easily concluded that mechanical seals are indispensable to the process industry. If you are looking to buy mechanical seals, you must buy them from a certified and reputed mechanical seal manufacturer in India. The same goes for centrifugal pumps as well. Always buy one from a renowned industrial centrifugal pump manufacturer.

Should you have any questions about mechanical seals, their usage, and performance or functioning of the centrifugal pump, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to answer your queries.

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