All You Need to Know About Cloud Computing


Cloud computing and big data Hadoop are the booms in the technological world with the growing need to manage data requirements and information. Cloud computing professional training and cloud computing professional courses are available to get expertise in this field as there are several jobs and career opportunities. Before getting deeper into cloud computing, you should have a general idea about the same. In this blog, I will help you get an insight into cloud computing.

Cloud Computing 

Cloud computing is the procedure of delivering computing and IT services which include, analytics, data storage, servers, networking, databases, software, and intelligence. It helps to store data in a large quantity without actually taking the space in physical memory. Google cloud computing certification training is available online, which can help you build your skills for pursuing your career in cloud computing.

It provides three types of services or models:

  1. IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service): It refers to the physical or virtual components or services, including servers, storage, and networking.

  2. PaaS(Platform as a Service): It comes above IaaS providing Operating systems, database management, and services that are used by developers to build software and applications. 

  3. SaaS(Software as a Service): It is the final step, viz. delivery of the software.

Examples of Cloud Computing

In our daily life, we somehow make use of cloud computing storage, like youtube video download is stored in the cloud and does not take memory or space in our mobile device. Similarly, there are several examples around us, Netflix, Gmail, Google Drive, google photos, and many more. 


Cloud computing comes with a lot of advantages taking from handling storage and IT Infrastructure to maintenance hustle. You can pay for the services like cloud storage, and the rest is taken care of by the service provider. Cloud computing certification training is available online these days. 

In cloud computing, a company or firm does not require to own an infrastructure or data center, instead of renting access for any application access or data storage. In this way, if you are using cloud computing services, your services are reliable and cost-effective.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

There are a lot of advantages to using cloud computing. Cloud computing professional training is a necessary step to start your career in this field. The top benefits are:

  1. Cost-Effective: Cloud computing services are cost-effective. It is due to the reason that the companies need not buy hardware and software instead pay directly to the cloud service provider for the services they use. 

  2. Speed: Cloud computing services are company oriented, so as a result, speed increases, even if a large number of computer resources are in working mode simultaneously.

  3. Productivity: No doubt, cloud computing services reduce a lot of time invested in hardware setup, software patching, and so on. Due to this, IT teams within a company can proceed to further tasks because their service provider will take care of the other requirements mentioned above.

  4. Performance: With cloud computing comes reduced network latency as cloud computing services are regularly updated, with the fast-growing technological speeds and updates.

  5. Reliability: You might have come across data loss some time, but with cloud computing, you get reliable service viz. disaster recovery, data backup, less expensive, and many more. 

And others are global scale, security. Cloud computing professional courses are the necessity to pursue a career in this field.

Wrapping Up

Google cloud computing certification training and cloud computing certification training are the rising sessions with the competitive environment. Since it is reliable and cost-effective, corporations and companies are switching to cloud services in a large number.

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