All that is wrong with the digital realm

by agha raza agha

We live in a digital realm that has left no stone unturned. From e-commerce to marketing, and from cab rides to food delivery services, tasks that were once difficult to carry out in one sitting are now performed in the blink of an eye. Technology has become a necessity instead of a luxury where one is constantly overwhelmed trying to keep up with the real world along with the cyber one. Aimed at delivering content that caters to your personal needs, all major social networking websites are served with algorithms that filter out your likes and dislikes based on previous searches, thereby confirming your previously held beliefs, regardless of whether they are right or wrong. The implications of a world motivated to keep its users satisfied with living in their own bubble are not only ethically wrong but downright dangerous considering the average person is most likely uninterested in looking for information that does not tell them exactly what they wish to hear. Furthermore, our children are now accustomed to turning to devices in order to avoid any discomfort. There is no spark of creativity to overcome boredom and no coping required to deal with emotions such as anger, sadness or frustration – simply burying their heads in their devices is enough. Such avoidance leads to raising children who are not used to stepping outside their comfort zones and facing tough circumstances head on. With more time spent unwinding through video games and social media applications, children spend less time playing outdoors or with other children altogether, hindering their social and emotional development. The digital realm surely makes our lives easier, with long drawn-out tasks performed at the push of a button. However, this luxury does not come without its dangerous implications on the growing minds of our youth and the continuing satisfaction of people who wish to remain ignorant about information that could be imperative to future of the world we live in.

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Marketing agencies in Pakistan and all over the world are going through a transition, focusing their attention on digital media as well. In addition to being the advertiser and marketers, we have a social responsibility to keep our youth on track or at least try to do so. Digital Marketing is taking a turn, and we should take one with it!

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