All About Face Masks And The Need For New N95

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Face masks have become an integral part of our lives these days. As the disease hit in the beginning, things were taken quite casually until this became a pandemic and people started worrying about their lives. The easiest way for anyone to avoid the infection and spread of the virus is to put on a face mask. After opening certain services and giving relaxations on lockdown norms, cases are spiking which is a matter of concern. Authorities and leaders have asked rather than ordered to mandatorily wear a face mask whenever stepping out of the house. This has resulted in numerous cotton face mask suppliers in the market selling face masks.

Even for some cities or localities, the government has asked people to wear a mask even in their backyard even if there is the slightest chance of contamination. However, we can see a lot of creative people who either choose to wear a bandana or a cheap mask just for the sake of wearing it. For them, you should know that they are not safe and helpful and are quite uncomfortable to wear. On top of that, homemade masks are also having loopholes at the nose and under the mouth which again make them not so safe. With these challenges, cotton face mask retailers have started selling different types of face masks to ensure better safety.

How to stay positive during these gloomy days?
While you are trying your best to gather yourself and stay strong, a lot of things needs to be avoided to stay positive. They are as follows:
• Predictions and statistics that make us pessimistic
• An ever-evolving science and the way to handle the pandemic
• Inconsistency in public health recommendation
• A constant source of fake news all around

With all the above things, one cannot be benefitted at all and will simply sink into sadness and depression. It is important to avoid them at most and believe in data from an authentic and approved source. Go through the cotton face mask catalogs to find yourself a safe yet cool mask that you think can lift your mood and spirit. Look for cotton face mask companies listings and you will find many companies selling designer face masks that will help you stay positive in your way.

Things to remember and follow during this pandemic to avoid the spread and contamination
  • Your home is your safe zone and you should stay indoors as much as possible
  • Walk or use your vehicle instead of using public transport
  • Always try to avoid closed spaces that have an Air Conditioner installed
  • Maintain distance with everyone and especially from those not with a face mask
  • If you touch anything out of your safe zone, always sanitize
  • Droplets are known to spread up to 7 meters
  • Keep in mind that everything is contaminated outside the safe zone and do not touch your mouth, nose, or eyes
  • The virus persists for days on plastic and metal surfaces, hence, disinfect your phone
  • Create your disinfectants ideally with 60-70% alcohol
  • Even if it is homemade, always wear a face mask
  • Dispose or disinfect a used mask properly
  • Increase efficiency of face mask with slow breathing
  • Keep your eyes protected with a glass

With the above points, you are good to go. Look for cotton mouth mask wholesalers as they can help you get bulk quantity with ease. You can also try to check with cotton face mask manufacturers if possible so that you can get a good number of mask and distribute them around your area.

Various companies are known to be reputed cotton face mask exporters in India and can help you with quality masks. All you need to do is check for them. To find the right cotton face mask India, you can always contact them. Not only that, but some cotton face mask traders are also doing a great job in selling quality face masks.

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