All About Diversity and Inclusion e-Learning You Must Know

by Ranny Watson Blogger

One might think that given diversity and inclusion are very human issues, it would be best that this is dealt with in a face-to-face training setting where much dialogue and debate can take place. What we underestimate in eLearning, as a powerful source for personal development, is the opportunity it affords for very personal reflection and introspection in response to content that is presented in a very thought-provoking, systematic, and organised way.

When we undergo face-to-face training there is always a great temptation to wear a mask in terms of our opinions and views in line with what we believe is expected of us under the circumstances. Diversity and inclusion eLearning removes the necessity for this entirely because no one is watching or judging us. eLearning therefore allows and encourages participants to delve deep within themselves facilitating the ability to confront the truth about the way they really think, feel and behave in relation to a broad range of items within this area. 

Nothing artificial

With the technology available today, there is nothing artificial in the presentation of diversity and inclusion in eLearning. Everything has a very real authentic sense to it making communication in this mode comfortable and genuine. Online learning diversity interactions will elicit the most relevant plus challenging content questions and guide participants through complex matters with constructive and direct feedback in responses. In every module of equality and diversity eLearning as well, the sharing will feel to participants like a dialogue given the comprehensive nature of replies linked to responses selected by participants.

Online diversity training has grown to be highly sophisticated with the ability to adapt quickly to new developments in the equality, diversity, and inclusion space. As such we can always be confident that diversity and inclusion eLearning will include the latest thinking and know-how on dealing with these matters.

An additional benefit of online diversity training is that not everyone enjoys or learns best in group situations. Particularly introverts may be extremely uncomfortable dealing with such matters very publicly. Equality and diversity eLearning is an extremely safe place to explore and develop awareness without the brutality that conflictual conversations and arguments may evoke.

Comprehensive and well rounded

Diversity and inclusion eLearning has a very healthy balance between active and passive learning. In many parts of the training, participants can sit back and simply listen. Suspending their own opinions and allowing understanding to unfold as things are explained and shared in many different formats.

This gives time for genuine consideration of expert views and a better appreciation of the sensitivities involved in many complex situations. Many important things affecting people on an intimate level can be examined carefully from multiple perspectives and meaning for them unpacked.  Online diversity training therefore allows participants to gradually make all the right connections on critical factors. This builds a solid foundation for increased awareness when participants encounter real life situations and relationships.

Self-organisation and self-leadership are strong outputs from diversity and inclusion eLearning. Participants have owned their involvement and development from start to finish. These are skills that will be vital in their ongoing journey towards increasingly embracing equality, diversity, and inclusion as worthy noble pursuits.

Most importantly diversity and inclusion in eLearning will sow the seeds that will nourish a desire for further learning and achievement on this front if done right. This is aligned with the thinking of Gilbran 1923 who said, “The significance of a man is not in what he attains, but in what he longs to attain.” 

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