All about Beginner Surf Lessons In Bali

by William Sam Consulatant

Surfing and Bali beaches go hand in hand. Over the years, it has become nothing short of a Mecca for surfing enthusiasts. Since the 70s, the inflow of foreigners has also increased in Bali for this reason. Bali has consistent surf and weather all the year round which is also suitable for those who wish to learn this sport. Choose an appropriate beach. Get the board that is perfect for you. And just some basic beginner surf lessons will keep you on the right track.

All about Beginner Surf Lessons In Bali

Here are a few things that you need to know if you want to learn to surf in Bali:


Find the Right Season

Well, the beaches are open for surfing all through the year, but it is preferable that you don’t visit beaches for learning purposes in peak tourist seasons. The best time to surf in Bali is during the dry season. This time includes the months from April to October.


Go According To Your Level

If you are a professional, you will find many beaches and areas with break zones and strong currents. Now as a beginner, you need to find the perfect spot where the waves are limited, and the waters are shallower. A quiet and a less crowded beach with gentle waves as well as the sand bottom will be the best preferred for those who are starting out with surfing.



Before going all Baywatch, you need to learn basic paddling. Paddling the board is an activity when you are catching the water while riding over the waves on your stomach. It is a lazy fun-filled activity. Try paddling with one arm at the start as this would help you in keeping a uniform speed. Paddling with both arms at once can increase the speed towards the deep end.


Sitting On the Board

Once you have mastered the art of simple paddling, you can try sitting. Yes, the whole learning process in surfing takes time, and you don’t suddenly stand and start surfing. Such basics are required to make you a perfect rider of the waves. Sitting in a uniform stance without much movement would also prove to be a Herculean task initially. You will need to calm and have immense patience to gain mastery over this.

Stand Up

Yes, you have now reached the final stage. Mastering paddling and sitting is bound to fill you up with some confidence to take the next step. You can start by lying on your chest with the head positioned upwards. Then keep both hands beside your shoulder with palms faced down. Now you will need to push the upper part of the body while sweeping the feet along with centering your weight along the stringer. With some support, you can start out your surf rides. Practice is the key,and after a few attempts, you will be all set to try out on more challenging wave breaks.


So, know what you want and plan your trip to Bali according to your requirements, if surfing is all you need to do.

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