Align Your Passion For Writing With Your Career Goals

by Emma Anderson Short Term Loan Solutions with Loan

If you have a flair for writing, you can align your passion you’re your career. Writing can promote discipline in you, and it also makes you expressive. It also leads to personal growth and works on your strengths.

Combining your writing with your passion can make you a winner and give you a positive attitude in life.


The passion for writing

If you are a writer, you can earn money too from your passion. There are many opportunities in writing that give you a direction in life and enhance your skills at the same time. 

In whatever stage you are at, you can enhance your skills and earn money simultaneously. Many writers are facing financial constraints as they do not encash the opportunity available to them.

Some of the writers are taking out loans for the unemployed and making their ends meet. But borrowing loans is not a good idea as it traps you in a vicious circle and keeps your finances low.


Ways to earn money out of writing

1.     Content writing for websites and blogs

These days online content works best for the writer and the audience. People get paid for the online writing content on per word or per hour basis that sums up to a good amount.

Many sites invite you for writing and pay you well. You can apply as a content writer and be in a highly competitive market.   


2.     Earn through writing competitions

There are many online writing competitions that you can participate in and win. These competitions offer you generous rewards and cash. Some of the biggest writing competitions offer you half a million pounds as writing prizes.

You have to polish your writing skills for that, and you can win it. With time, you can increase your flair for writing, work on your fluency and apply in as many completions you like. With every competition, you gain experience that will help you to gain expertise in your writing field.


3.     Write online articles

Many websites ask for articles that can be published online. You can select your forte and write your articles of that specific genre. If you try your luck for the top websites, you can get great exposure and that the same time can win some big amounts with it.

Many of the magazines brands require articles. You can apply in these magazines, and if you are selected, you can work full time with them and earn good money. If you are not choosing the right option for yourself, you have to go through a financial struggle in your life that makes it difficult for you to survive.

In such cases, many lenders offer quick loans for the unemployed that help them finance their expenses and fulfil their dreams. But to pay back your loan amount, you have to find work for yourself that will help you earn a good amount of money and repay the loan amount.  


4.     Self-publish your book

If you know the right marketing tools and are commercial-minded, you can write your own book. Also, you can market your book to save money by hiring a marketing expert. With your book having good sales, you can earn a good amount of money.

Most prolific authors use social media platforms for marketing their books, and it gives them results. You can do research on how to write and market your own book. Also, you can get ideas from various websites to create your own strategy.


5.     Earn through snippets and fillers

If you write for them, many publications offer you money in the form of small sums or prizes for letters or fillers. You can write fillers in the form of jokes, recipes, top tips and other snippets. Other publications may not have the excellent rewards but may offer prizes for star letters.



It is quite a possibility that not every strategy may work for you. Some strategies work for some while others do not. You can choose the right option and see which suits you the best for you.

Along with the options, also check with the monetary benefit that they are offering. 

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