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India is a country that has a number of climates experiencing throughout the year. There are many factors that influence the climate of this country. From icy cold winters to very hot summers, India's climate varies in a wide range. There are many factors that are helping the people of this country to escape from these climatic extremes. The use of air coolers 6 the summer is one of the major examples of this. India's temperature is much suitable for the use of these temperatures or air coolers. There are many companies that are manufacturing air coolers for the convenience of the customers. Here is the list of the main reasons why coolers are suitable for the Indian climate and log in to the Xerve account to know more about the offers related to this product.

1.       Affordable

India is a place where people give much emphasis on quality products for less money. Like these air coolers are much more preferable in the Indian market than that of air conditioners. One of the major reasons behind it is that air coolers are much more affordable than that of an air conditioner. It is known to everyone that for buying an air conditioner you need to spend about 10000rs, where for an air cooler it is much lower. So air coolers are much more affordable than that of air conditioners.

2.       Cost of cooling is less

This can be said as an extension to the point affordable. The cost of cooling while using an air cooler is much lesser than the cost of cooling using an air conditioner. You will get to know about the massive difference when you buy one. India is a country that has climatic conditions that suit to the use of air conditioners. The electrical consumption of air conditioners is also more. So the fact is that there will be a larger growth in the expense budget of a family during the summer because of the use of the cooling system. So having an air cooler can give you chill as well as save your budget too.

3.       Can be used with windows and doors open

One of the major drawbacks of conventional air conditioners is that, while using it the doors and windows of the room should be properly closed. This is for providing proper cooling effect. And if the doors and windows are open there is a condition where the air conditioner works harder to provide efficient cooling and thereby increasing the cost of working. Using an air cooler is different. It can be used with the doors and windows open. Air coolers are mostly portable room, which will help us to take the cooler where ever you want according to your convenience.

4.       Fresh air

In air conditioners cooling effect is obtained through the use of hot air and water. This hot air evaporates the water and thereby cooling effect is obtained. While using an air conditioner no such technology is been used and the air produced is often dry and can have certain effects on the skin as it is dry and not as that of the breathable air. But in case of the cooling effect of an air cooler, there is the moisture content in the air and it is very much suitable and comfortable.

5.       Benefits for health

As we are talking there re some benefits to our health too when we use air coolers. The main issue related to conventional fans is that while using a fan, there is a chance for the dust particles to rice and cause certain respiratory problems. Likewise, asthma patients has a high chance to get an attack if they are staying under the air conditioners for a long time. Their reason for this is that the air coming out is dry. Air coolers produce fresh and moist air thereby increasing the comfort level. It also has certain filters that will filter out certain toxic contents in the air.


There are many brands that are manufacturing and marketing their air coolers in the market these days. Shop these products online and avail great offers and cash backs. 

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