Affiliate Marketing - Save Thousands and avoid these Scams!

by APSense News Release Admin
What a ride! Affiliate marketing is so abundantly in your face with endless opportunities and tons of false promises, or are they? Is it even possible to make money? Do you have to spend more than you make? Sure seemed like it at first.

Here's what I learned that will hopefully save you thousands (and I mean thousands). My loss is your gain. Coming into affiliate marketing as a hungry, risk taking, opportunity grabbing, greedy (whether I like it or not), make money or lose focus, I got caught in the trap. Now, does that mean affiliate marketing is a scam? no... I believe the opportunity to succeed is there when you do it with an educated approach as opposed to following a "guru" leading you towards what works for them ($$$). 

What the Guru's will tell you...

1) "Follow my program and get a free book" or "This course normally costs $997, but for a limited time you can get my 6-7 figure training for just $7"

Debunked: Never pay for a training, because these guru's are getting paid for every purchase you make along the way. That $7 is adding insult to injury. You may think it's a small investment, but you will be surprised at how good their hook is and how pot committed that $7 will make you.

Recommendation: Find a mentor! Use free tools, free sites, YouTube, and follow/subscribe to people you trust. First, make sure they are actually in affiliate marketing and winning. Often when people fail, they tend to resort to teaching (ironic I know). I wouldn't consider myself a teacher though, more of a "Don't fail like me advisor". Use forums, Facebook groups, & other communication platforms to learn with and from people that are engaged in the process. If they are successful with affiliate marketing they should be willing to offer tips and tricks at no cost.

2) "Buy these programs and in the next lesson we will teach you to set them up"

Debunked: Ever watch the local news with the intent of seeing one broadcast and getting on your way, only to be hooked for the entire duration of the cast? Those snippets they give you keep you hooked to see the next great story and ending on the one you really wanted to see. That's how guru's get you pot committed. When you start subscriptions or pay one time fees you are now giving your guru income, yet you are making nothing. Expect to be nickel and dimed into a major investment.


A: Build a website, whether its a hosted site with Blue Host or Host Gator doesn't matter. Download WordPress and you will have a plug and play platform for your own development.

B: Find a Niche, it could be marketing, business, self help, fitness, etc. Be passionate about your niche and feel confident that you would be your own customer. This will give you the drive to see it through and you will feel good while doing it. Become an expert in that niche and make sure you set quality requirements for the content you promote. You do not want to be just another spam filled website. You want to provide value to your customer.

C: On page SEO...

Keyword Research

Plan for your keywords by using keyword tools and competitor analysis. It is likely someone or something has already done the work for you and all that left is you taking the time to discover.

Title Tags

Now that you have your keywords, placement is everything! Keywords go here. Make sure it also reflects within the URL of that particular page.

Meta Tags

Keep your Meta Tags under 300 characters, but remember the importance of this content. While creating the capture of what the customer will find here, place the keyword towards the beginning.


There is a mix of opinions on the value of content these days, but I still try to keep between 1000-1500 words on each page. That being said, don't sacrifice quality for the intent to add words.

Internal Linking

Where it makes sense you should be creating links between all content pages and your home page. I recommend a sidebar widget that links to each subtopic that makes sense and correlates to the current page. That will keep customers engaged and provide authority within the page.

External Linking

Not everything will be contained in your page. It is healthy to link out to credible sources that align with your content. I would net necessarily say link to your competition (which is an option), but the better option is similar niche content that does not compete with your initiative.

D: Off page SEO...


Whether it's articles, guest posts, press release etc. You will want to start backing your site with credible sources. I am no expert with SEO, however I have done a fair share of research and I am continually learning. Some great ways to improve your backlinks is to sign up with high DA blogs and newsworthy listings to write articles and link to your page. This will provide credibility to search engines and help you get your site ranking organically.


There are thousands of directories out there for you to list with. This is a great way to enhance awareness of your brand and will stand out to search engines.

Social Media

Social proof is so important in todays market. Make sure you build a page on all the major social media outlets to include, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, etc. Consistently post content that 1) gives your customers value and 2) encourages them to go to your website.


My recommendations are not enough to make you successful. Passion and drive will only get you so far. For you to find success you need to test, correct, re-attempt (likely multiple time). Don't let that scare you, just be ready for the work. If it was as easy as others make it out to be, everyone would be doing it and succeeding. It is an evolutionary process to build your business... keyword "you're" meaning you are ultimately responsible. There are great tips out there, and some of the affiliate tools you will be offered may actually be valuable to you. That being said, you are running the business and it is up to you to analyze, research, modify, and grow based on your own goals.

Here is my pitch and yes I will get commission "if" you sign up using these links. If you think they are a good fit for you, consider it a way of thanking me for FREE content (remember what I said about paying). The thing to note with everything I will provide below, is that these are tools I actually use.

WEBSITE HOSTING: Blue Host (simple to use with WordPress plug-ins)

SEO ANALYSIS: Diib is my go to budget conscious SEO tool (Semrush is the #1 all around SEO & SEM tool, but much more expensive) Diib does the trick for $29/month as opposed to $200/month.

BACKLINKS: Self publishing is free, that being said sometimes I hire it out. Be careful hiring, watch reviews and talk with the sellers. You do not want spammy backlinks. I use Fiverr.

- Self Publish with Apsense & Medium. Both of these platforms have high DA and will give you quality backlinks.

AFFILIATE OPPORTUNITIES: ClickBank, ShareASale, Fiverr, Diib, GetResponse, ClickFunnels, 

EMAIL LIST: GetResponse - Email marketing is a great way to find clients, but first you need a list. This is where my list is stored. It allows me to set up funnels, newsletters, and autoresponders.

SOLO ADS: UDIMI This is a way to grow your list. It is other people using their lists to advertise your offer, and can result in leads. That being said there are good and bad solo ads. Be ready to keep track of the quality you get. If you are not obtaining at least 25% (my limit) from a solo ad, they are not worth using again.

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