Advantages of playing video games to your children

by Sash Noon Sash Noon

Children are generally attracted to all things that are audio-visual in nature. Even before a child learns how to speak he/she feels happy to hear some sound and see something play on a screen. Well, this is not only true for children it applies to adults as well. But, we are now trying to explore the advantages, if any, of playing video games to children. If you want your child to play video games, you can encourage playing with the Philippines gaming sites. They have got very good collection of video games.

Generally, parents and elders are slightly critical of children latching on to mobile phones or a tablet to play video games. We tend to take it as detrimental to their health and consider this as an addiction, which will harm their academic career in the long run. While in some special cases this may be true, but one must realize that playing video games has many beneficial effects on the child as well. In the digitized world, this may even help to develop many useful skills. 

From the 70s, when the simple arcade games came into being till the present day video games have constantly improved and now its benefits go much beyond entertainment and better hand and eye coordination. The list of benefits is many, for example cognitive games help to stimulate the function of the brain. 

1. Develops skills to solve problems

     While playing a video game the child has to adhere to a set of rules and tackle the problem at hand with the help of tools provided keeping within the rules set out. In real life too similar situations arise when one has to solve problems adhering to the particular conditions set up. 

2. Improves the ability to concentrate

      While playing video games the child is trying to concentrate hard and focuses the mind fully so that he can cross the given hurdles and progress to the next level of the game. This practice of engaging the brainpower improves power of concentration.

3. It is an educational tool

    Gaming has been used as a great learning tool even for adults. In work places where new skills are required to be developed in a short period of time, video simulation games have proved to be the best. In recent times, this particular benefit of utilizing video games as a learning tool is also being used for children of various ages. A number of learning applications use video games to engage children in enhancing their knowledge, learning languages, playing with numbers and many such things. The children simply love it and learning has become as enjoyable as playing games. 

4. Develops ability to multitask

      In real life people have to multitask on a daily basis. Some people find it very difficult to pay attention to several tasks at the same time and, as a result, lose out in comparison to his/her peers.  There are many Action games where players have to tackle several tasks at the same time. The player has to handle the joystick to maneuver and at the same time has to keep an eye on the ammunition left, suddenly popping out of opposition forces from unexpected corners, ensuring that the energy levels are adequate so that finally he/she wins the game after eliminating all adversaries. This is a classic example of multitasking and can be compared to real life situations.  So, by playing a video game the kids learn the basic skills to meet the challenges in real life.

5. Helps to get along better socially

   When the children play online video games, they engage with many players simultaneously. It is similar to a playing arena where many people of an age group get together for a common purpose.  During the game the players constantly interact with each other, which help to develop the ability to perform better as a social being. The excitement of the game, the joy of achieving goes a long way into making friends that may outlast the game and provide a meaningful relationship. 

      Some of the video games require the entire body to make movement on the screen. This is shown to be beneficial for children with autism. It has been shown in a study that since online video games share space with many players this leads to improved social interaction in children with this disorder.

6. Enhances brain functions.

     Complex video games have been designed where the player needs to remember many things to play the game properly.  It stimulates the brain neurons and improves the retention power. For example, the rules of the game are laid out at the starting of the game and the player must listen to them or read them carefully and remember them so that no mistakes are committed, which may reduce his/her chances of winning.  The video games also require that the players have mastery over the keys that control movement of the characters on screen.  So the player has to know very well the function of the control keys and remember them so well that no time is lost while making a move on screen.

     While playing video games the brain receives multiple stimulations. The brain can be taken to represent a complex computer and the simulations help to make it process the signals much faster. This may help the child to perform better in competitive tasks where speed plays a major role.

7. Can make children active

     It is generally believed that children staying indoors and playing video games can make them inactive, because according to traditional concepts only the outdoors games are the ones that call for action. However, the fact is that there are many video games, which are designed so well that replicate the actual outdoor games played in the field. 

8. Video games can help in improving leadership qualities

  There are some video games which reward and provide encouragement to players to take active leadership roles like supporting communities, ensuring the safety of vulnerable people.  This can inculcate positive values in children and take on leadership roles in their adult life. Further, some games require improvisations, which can make the kids quick to respond in face of actual crisis.

However, in spite of the many advantages of video games there should be some restriction on children for the time spent on the digital devices.

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