Advantages of Fibreglass Umbrellas

by Natasha Christou Digital Marketing Consultant

If you’re thinking of buying a new umbrella, you might be wondering what features you need to look out for. Aside from the canopy design and overall size, it’s important that your choice gives you the highest-quality material and longest-lasting use.


Fibreglass is commonly used by multiple industries across the world — and is especially sought after when constructing umbrellas. But what are the key advantages of making sure your brolly is made from fibreglass?


What is fibreglass?

Fibreglass — also called glass reinforced plastic (GRP) — is made from woven material implanted with glass fibres that are fixed together with a binding solution. Due to its malleability and strength, it’s used across a wide variety of industries to make everything from kayaks and ladders, to bathtubs and circuit boards.


Benefits of fibreglass umbrellas



If you want an umbrella that will last, go for a fibreglass design. Fibreglass is tougher than carbon fibre, as it has a higher breaking point when flexed, and has the ability to bend without compromising its structure. A fibreglass umbrella also won’t absorb moisture and can maintain its smooth surface to ensure no corrosion regardless of how often you use it.



Pound for pound, fibreglass is tougher than sheet metal, which makes it an excellent material for withstanding high winds and powerful downpours. Fibreglass umbrella frames are less prone to cracking and denting than other materials — so you don’t have to worry about the structure of your brolly in very bad weather — plus you have a far lower chance of it breaking if you pack it into a bag or keep it in the back of the car.



Not only is fibreglass extremely strong, but it’s also comfortably lightweight. Fibreglass is significantly lighter than wood or steel, so it’s ideal for those days when the rain won’t stop and you need your umbrella over your head for hours.



Fibreglass is a non-conductive material, which is a great feature for an umbrella.


Design creativity

Due to the flexibility of fibreglass, designers can mold the material into an array of interesting designs. This means you have a wider choice of men’s and women’s styles when it comes to picking an umbrella, rather than having to stick to the same aesthetic.



Fibreglass racks up fewer maintenance costs than other materials that are less firm and weather resistant, which makes them a cost-effective purchase. Due to its long-lasting features, you also won’t need to replace a fibreglass umbrella as often as other types, and the materials in general is less expensive than carbon composites.


Corrosion resistance

The objective of an umbrella is to keep you dry, so it’d be a serious flaw if it wasn’t resistant to rain and moisture. Unlike steel and aluminium, fibreglass won’t corrode, which means you can use it in heavy downpours or in places with high salt content in the air without worrying that you’ll have to replace it.



Many umbrellas are classed as windproof when they aren’t, so be careful when you make your next purchase. However, fibreglass frames offer incredible strength, which helps to lower the chance of them turning inside out during high winds. The spring above the runner provides a supportive, ‘buffer’ role that works to keep the brolly’s shape, while the suppleness of the material helps the frame restore its structure without damage.



While materials such as carbon fibre also have their advantages, fibreglass wins outright when it comes to flexibility. Fibreglass is the perfect material for making umbrella ribs due to its ability to handle extreme flex patterns — such as high winds in stormy weather.


Limited expansion and contraction

You also don’t need to be concerned about your umbrella changing shape during hot and cold seasons. Fibreglass has the least contraction and expansion when compared to wood, plastic and metal; so it maintains its shape and structure well in a wide range of temperatures.


For a choice of high-quality, fibreglass umbrellas, browse our of Windproof Umbrella before you go.

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