Advantages of Air Freight and Sea Freight Services

by Andrew S. Customs & Freight Forwarder NSW
Sea freight and air freight service are the most popular ways of transportation. Both are highly advantageous.

The most popular ways of freight transportation are air freight and sea freight. Both are international freight services and have several advantages. In Sydney, many freight forwarder companies offer these services for transportation of large and bulky loads. Both services are economical and also convenient.

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Very Economical: 
Hands down, sea freight service offers the most economical freight transporting services over very long distances. Due to this advantage, ocean freight service is considered as an inexpensive international shipping service. 

Low Maintenance Cost:
Another major advantage of sea freight service is that low maintenance cost. As compared to rail transportation, the maintenance cost of the sea freight service is competitively lower. Due to this reason, the rate of sea freights are not so high.

Ideal For The Oversized Load:
Heavy and oversized load goods can be shipped smoothly through the ocean freight. The freight ships are large. There are used to carry large and heavier equipment such as long building structures, automobile parts, industrial parts, machinery, etc.

Last but not least, another benefit of sea fright service is a high level of safety. Freight ships are specially designed for carrying dangerous and hazardous items safely. The loaded containers are perfectly secured and sealed on the deck of ships.

Advantages of air freight services

The Fastest Shipping:
One of the best advantages of air freight services is the fastest shipping. If you want to deliver a good to another place within the shortest time then you should choose the air freight services. 

Low Risk:
Another major advantage of air freight service is that it can reduce the damage risk. The goods are highly secured in the air freights. You can safely deliver the goods from one place to another destination quickly and safely. 

Low Packaging Cost:
Generally, air freight requires less packing as compared to rail transportation service. This means, there are no additional packing costs.

Get Live Status:
Last but not least, this is the most important benefit that you can get from air freight service. Many air freight forwarding service companies offer a web-based tracking system by which you can get the live status of your goods. 

Sea freight forwarding service and air freight service both are highly advantageous. If you are looking for an economical international freight service then  Sea freight service is only for you and if you need the fastest shipping then definitely go for air freight service.

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