Advantages and development prospects of stainless steel welded pipe

by yane Yang Sales Manager

Stainless steel welded pipe production will not cause too much pollution. According to the actual statistics, more than 1 tons of mud each production of stainless steel welded pipe produced only 0.2kg, and the main component is more than sediment and there is no air or water chemical reaction, in addition to stainless steel tube production process does not produce poisonous gas, tap water, cooling water is ordinary, recycling rate is very high.

If the tube used in the production of decoration and structure even without annealing, polishing is only half finished, and the production of fluid conveying pipes, are now using the online annealing technology, without pickling, but also to prevent the effects of waste on the environment in the process of pickling acid. Japan, Italy and other developed countries also retained stainless steel welded pipe industry, indicating that the development of this industry is optimistic.

Stainless steel welded pipe is a kind of energy saving and environmental protection products, with stainless steel water pipe, its advantages are mainly manifested in several aspects. First of all, stainless steel welded pipe at low temperature is not brittle, high temperature insulation performance is good, so the hot water transportation will not cause energy waste. The second is thestainless steel pipe internal surface is smooth, low friction and clean, thus reducing energy waste water, after all, energy saving is significant, such as Japan, Singapore and other countries because of less fresh water, the basic use of stainless steel welded pipe as conveying pipe, the leakage rate decreased about 8% carbon steel pipe, and the basic can be used for more than 70 years, without fear of damage due to corrosion of pipeline. In addition, the stainless steel welded pipe can guarantee 100% recovery. Waste stainless steel welded pipe can be recycled 100%, will not cause pollution, which conforms to the current national energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of Scientific Outlook on Development.

Application prospect of stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel pipe can only be finished 1.5, the range of downstream development it is very wide, a lot of carbon steel can be used where they can use stainless steel pipe, and more excellent performance. Stainless steel pipe tube for food hygiene, not only beautiful enough health, but also easy to clean, and there is no better than the stainless steel pipe material for the production of food hygiene tube.

The production of stainless steel welded pipe anti-theft door, burglarproof window, stair handrail has also been widely used, a lot of wood products over the past can be used to replace the stainless steel welded pipe. The automotive industry is also a very large field of stainless steel welded pipe, heat exchanger used in power plants also need to use a large number of stainless steel welded pipe. Usually, a generating unit needs about 50~60 tons of stainless steel welded pipe, and other heat exchangers, such as sugar mills, chemical plants and other industries, also use a large number of stainless steel welded pipe.

From the sky to the ground to the ocean, stainless steel pipe can be applied in the field everywhere, with the understanding of the future of stainless steel welded pipe deepened, its status will be more important.

Source: China Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Manufacturer - Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (

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