Advanced Geotechnical Investigation and Geotechnical Testing Services

by Jayden Holden Service Provider

Geotechnical investigation and geotechnical testing services provide project engineers with the knowledge of ground conditions so that they can make well-informed decisions regarding the feasibility of a project. The investigations have acquired substantial importance in preventing loss of lives and material damage due to foundation cracks, earthquakes, and other catastrophes. The purpose of the geotechnical investigation is to investigate the soil and geologic conditions of a property, and to provide recommendations and design criteria for construction purposes. Geotechnical testing services can be as simple as conducting a visual assessment of the site only, or it could be as detailed as a computer-aided study of soil involving laboratory analysis and testing of the soil and rock conditions and other parameters.

Geotechnical investigation and geotechnical testing services are used to ensure that the substructure, which is eventually going to hold up a structure, is safe and enduring. The below-ground investigation is an integral part of any construction project wherein the soil strata is sampled and tested to establish its characteristics, which may have an influence on a construction project outcome. The serviceability and performance of the structure depends largely upon the accuracy of the geotechnical investigation carried out by the geotechnical testing services provider.

Conducting testing and investigations adhering to international standards

A geotechnical investigation must take place prior to foundations being laid for any building work. Aussie Hydro-Vac Services provides geotechnical investigation and geotechnical testing services using advanced technologies to determine the suitability of the ground for creating structures. Geotechnical testing services and geotechnical investigations are carried out by Aussie Hydro-Vac Services in strict adherence to international standards and guidance in order to provide you with the highest level of field investigation and sampling, laboratory testing and geotechnical investigation report data. Expert investigators and testers at Aussie Hydro-Vac Services have extensive knowledge of topography maps, geology maps, and climate and weather data, and regional geology conditions of South East Queensland, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Northern NSW, Western and Central Queensland, and other parts of Australia. 

The following investigations and testing may be done by technicians and surveyors of Aussie Hydro-Vac Services:

Soil sampling and investigation: The undisturbed samples are taken at certain intervals to the borehole depth termination and at the change of strata in the borehole. Disturbed samples can be derived from selected recovered cores of standard penetration test (SPT). Undisturbed samples using the open tube sample as thin-walled or thick-walled tube samplers can be applied depending upon the soil conditions encountered, while undisturbed sampling that uses the piston sampler can be applied for low-strength fine soils, such as silt and clay.  

Standard Penetration Test (SPT): The test is performed in boreholes in order to estimate relative density and strength-deformation parameters of soils. SPT is carried out in weak-weathered rocks at certain numbers and intervals to the borehole depth termination for all boreholes. In addition to soil samples, SPT can also be used for soil classification purposes.

Rotary core drilling and rock sampling: A sample of core/cuttings is collected within a tube with the help of a flushing medium. The quality of rock recovery achieved is determined by the geotechnical investigation services team using rock quality designation (RQS), total core recovery (TQR) and solid core recovery (SCR) ratios that are recorded and reported for each core run of the geotechnical investigation.  

Cone Penetration Test (CPT): CPT is performed by the geotechnical investigation team to evaluate effectively the site characterization, and assessing potentially liquefiable materials such as sand and granule gravel, organic soil and discontinuous lenses.

Geotechnical laboratory testing: This geotechnical investigation is conducted to determine the specific gravity of the soil solids, determination of the plasticity index of soils and moisture content of the soil. Engineering properties tested during a geotechnical investigation by Aussie Hydro-Vac Services may include a consolidation test to determine the magnitude and rate of consolidation of soil, and strength and strain-stress relationships of cohesive soil. Additionally, a rock strength properties test can also be conducted to classify rock strength and determine the unconfined compressive strength of intact rock core specimens.

Aussie Hydro-Vac Services provides a variety of geotechnical investigation and geotechnical testing services to the clients that include test pitting, tube sampling, auguring, test pitting, geotechnical investigation of the site, cone penetration testing, and more. Cable location and pavement investigation services by Aussie Hydro-Vac Services provide project engineers with reports on pipes and conduits, completed surveys and leak detection solutions, using the best radar and camera technology.

Non-destructive excavation and digging services

Other technical services provided by Aussie Hydro-Vac Services include subsurface engineering and maintenance, CCTV investigation, surveying services, drone photography services, and more. Aussie Hydro-Vac Services also provide industrial services for non-destructive digging, vacuum excavation, and vacuum loading, drain and culvert cleaning, and emergency response services. The company uses advanced equipment to provide you with comprehensive reports from geotechnical investigations, geotechnical testing services, and non-destructive excavation and digging services.

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