Add A Small Pond To Your Backyard

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To add a small pond to your backyard is something that most homeowners may not consider. The reason why they may not consider to add a small pond is because they may think that it is too big of a project for someone who has no experience. The truth of the matter is though, that a small backyard pond is relatively easy to do. It is also not as expensive as you might think. This short article will provide you with some excellent info on how you can build a small pond in your backyard.

The first consideration will be to choose a location. It is best to choose a location where the pond can receive from 4 to 6 hours of sunlight. Sunlight will help to keep the pond clean and healthy. Try not to choose a location where any rain runoff will enter into the pond. This may cause debris and foreign matter to enter the pond and that could result in a pond that is not able to function.

Once you have decided upon a location, your next decision will be to decide how big of the pond you want. A small pond should be at least 2 feet deep. The width, shape, diameter, or circumference will depend on the space that you have. The smallest pond to consider should be at least 3 feet across but if you can afford the room, a 4 foot pond would be better.

Now that you have a location and a size in mind your next step will be to actually dig the pond. If you desire to have plants growing in your pond then it is a good idea to make a shelf for the plants. You do this by digging a 2 foot deep pond in the middle and a 1 foot deep pond around the edges.

You can now line your pond with a waterproof plastic. The plastic should be both pliable and thick so that it is easy to work with and last for years. Most landscaping and hardware stores sell pond liners. You can also purchase a secondhand above ground pool liner. Place the liner into the pond that you have previously dug and then push the liner up against the sides. If possible, try not to fold the plastic liner.

Some homeowners like to install a fountain or filter into their miniature pond and if you do want such an item then now is the time to position it. If you are planning to introduce fish into your pond then you will need at least a filter. Now that everything is in place it is time to fill the pond with water. Once the pond is completely full it is best to leave it sit for a week before adding any plants are fish. This will allow any chlorine to dissipate.

After one week, you can now add plants and fish into your pond but if you add plants try not to choose native plants that you have obtained from various local areas. These type of plants can have harmful parasites. It is best to purchase all of your pond plants at a reputable nursery.

Your pond is now complete and you can enjoy all of your hard work. The calming trickling water from your pump will be so relaxing as you watch the many goldfish dart about.

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