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Our History

The Company currently runs metallurgical coal mining and trading through the Subsidiaries and provides management consulting services. Because it operates under AEI, the Company and its subsidiaries enjoy the support of integrated businesses from the mines to the stockpile and the transhipment area.

The Company runs operational activities with the vision to be a leading Indonesian mining and mineral company.

To achieve its vision, the Company carries out these missions:

1. Satisfy its customers' needs
2. Develop its people
3. Partner with its suppliers
4. Support community and national development
5. Promote a safe and sustainable environment
6. Maximize shareholder value

Our Business

The Company is a holding company that operates a metallurgical coal mining and trading business through its subsidiaries. In carrying out these business activities, the subsidiary has 5 CCOWs mining concessions located in East Kalimantan and Central Kalimantan. As of August 31, 2021, the CCOWs has resources of 980.0 million tons and reserves of 170.7 million tons of high quality metallurgical coal. For the currently active Maruwai concession mine, resource and reserve estimates use topographic data from May 25, 2021. The five CCOWs are part of the Upper Kutei Basin, which has one of the largest metallurgical green-field coal deposits areas globally.

In 2020, the Company produced 1.88 million tons of coal, or 70% above production in 2019 which reached 1.1 million tons. All coal produced in 2020 is HCC metallurgical coal from the Maruwai concession which commenced production in 2019. The Maruwai concession contains high quality mid-vol HCC coal with low ash and phosphorus content.

In the eight month period ending August 31, 2021, the Company has sold 1.43 million metric tons of coal which was shipped to international markets including China, India, Japan and Indonesia. The Company continues to develop the metallurgical coal market and intends to increase its production as sales grow. At the same time, the Company also continues to invest in supporting facilities and mining facilities.

The Company’s Products

Metallurgical coal that has been processed into coke is main commodity in the steel industry. To achieve the desired quality, metallurgical coal is combined, then crushed to a size of 3mm and put in a carbonized coke oven at 1,100 degrees Celsius. During carbonization, certain components of coal bond and form coke, a hard, porous material of nearly pure carbon. Good quality coke has strong and hard properties, is porous, has high carbon content and low levels of impurities.

Metallurgical coal is sold to steel manufacturers for use in the manufacture of pig iron/steel. Steel producers convert coal into coke in coke ovens, then feed the coke into blast furnaces along with iron ore and flux.

The types of metallurgical coal owned by the Company are as follows:

Hard coking coal (HCC) - HCC coal is the majority reserve owned by the Company. The Company's HCC coal has low ash and phosphorus content, moderate to high volatile matter content and low to moderate sulfur content. HCC coal has a high value-in-use compared to other types of coal.

Semi Hard coking coal (SHCC) - Semi hard coking coal has a different RoMax value from HCC. When viewed from the strength of the coke produced, SHCC produces a lower coke strength than HCC so that its value-in-use tends to be lower than HCC.

Green Coal (GC) - Green coal is coal found in the CCOWs’ locations owned by the Company with a lower Crucible Swelling Number (CSN) value compared to HCC and SHCC. Based on the characteristics and quality, Green coal consists of Semi Soft Coking Coal and Pulverized Coal Injection.

Semi soft coking coal (SSCC) - SSCC is coking coal with lower quality than HCC. The company's SSCC coal has a low ash content, volatile matter content and moderate sulfur content. SSCC coal is also used in the steel processing industry as a mixer with HCC coal.

Pulverized Coal Injection (PCI) - PCI is used in steelmaking, sintering, smelting, and for injection into furnaces to reduce coke use.

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