Activewear for Women- 5 Reason to Procure It

by kapil Mehta # Guest Blogger

Activewear market has fully taken off around the globe but in the USA it’s the largest, accounting for 30% of the activewear sales worldwide! The awareness of wearing proper attire in the gym has made this industry grow exponentially well. 

In 2015, the sales of activewear were around $54.3 billion which blew up to $69.2 billion in just five years. Maintaining a good health and physique by running, cycling, weight training, yoga, Zumba or jogging means you need proper workout clothes to feel the best and find the right support. Sports bras, legging, workout hoodie, workout shorts, two piece loungewear sets, muscle tees and vests can literally change the game for you.

The criteria of choosing the correct activewear should not be based alone on style, color or current celebrity obsessions. It should be based on your body structure, what you feel comfortable wearing and not be conscious when working out. 

Working out or exercising can have various physical and mental health benefits for everyone but especially women who need a breather out of the home and feel like themselves after a long tiring day. Wearing proper attire for workout will help you get in the right mind frame, allow you to put your mind to matter and reap benefits that were unknown to you before.

In this article, I will guide you about the health and other benefits that make activewear a must-have investment for everyone. Big giant companies like Nike, Adidas, Puma and Sketchers have seen significant growth in their women activewear sets sales which encourages many more companies to make more affordable variety in it. 

The gym looks of the celebrities have also been pretty motivational for the women who aspire to look great just like them and wearing the proper gym wear is the first crucial step to achieve that. Let’s look at some reasons you need to spend money on activewear right now!

1.  Gives A Bunch of Confidence

New clothes always make us feel super good and full of life. Trying a new outfit which is well-fitted, fashionable and pretty cool makes us more self-assured, relatable and in vogue. All this contributes to boosting our confidence level and activewear is no different than any other kind of clothing. When you wear two piece loungewear to the gym, you feel great as the attire is best suited for the occasion and you look appropriate. 

On the other hand, wearing just any loosely fitted shirt in your wardrobe won’t make you feel great about your body and won’t motivate you enough to push your limits as you won’t be able to notice any difference in your appearance in those oversized shirts and pajamas. In fact around 85% of the women who made the switch from shirts to activewear said they feel way more confident.

2.  Get Motivated to Hike up Performance Levels

Donning activewear will not only boost your confidence level, it will also amp up your motivation to look even more good, fit and chic in your gym wear. A whopping 89% of the women said they feel more motivated after wearing activewear to the gym whereas 69% of the women said that the key to unlocking the motivation for the gym is wearing activewear. 

When the activewear fits you well, makes your body look sexy and hot and clings at all the right places you get to see a newer more improvised version of yourself.  This feeling of comfort and confidence in the activewear will surely contribute to your performance at the gym and also increase the time you spend working out.

3.  Allows your skin to Breathe

One of the primary measures of knowing that you are achieving results at the gym is by sweating hard, the more you sweat due to a hiked up heart rate the more you lose weight. As much as the sweat is good for our bodies, the sticky, clingy feeling isn’t much fun at all. No one wants to endure the feeling for long so the answer to your problem is moisture-wicking activewear. 

Usually activewear is made up of a material that is super soft and synthetic, allowing sweat to be absorbed quickly without making your body feel all tacky at all. When your sweat is all absorbed, you feel more light, fresh and cool making your body breathe easily and comfortably.

4.  Provides Support at the Right Places

When talking about activewear for women there is one clothing item that is an absolute must-have, sports bra. You might think that your daily wear bra is well-fitted and supportive but when doing high-impact workouts every day, the bra is not well equipped to support you fully at all the right places. 

Not having proper support can put a lot of strain on your delicate breast tissues, making your breasts feel uncomfortable, painful and strained after continuous exercise for time. 

One more side effect of not wearing a sports bra is breast sagging, not paying heed to it will cause permanent sagging and stretching of the breast tissues and ligaments. The underwire in the sports bra and the padding restricts the big movement and provides essential support from all sides.

5.  Durable and Long Wearing   

For clothes that you have to wear in high intensity workouts almost 7 days a week needs to be durable and long lasting. Your home clothes won’t be able to endure the workout load for long and they soon will tear and wear out from all the wrong places. On the other hand, activewear is designed for this purpose so your investment will last quite long. 

Although activewear is expensive to buy, you’ll eventually save money in the long run when you don’t have to frequently shop for gym wear. Online portals like Miss Lola offer quality activewear at affordable prices.

In the End

Activewear is the perfect amalgamation of fashion and functionality. It will make you feel good, confident and active while supporting, protecting and making you comfortable.   

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