A Step-by-step Guide to Basement Waterproofing

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While a bit of water in an unfinished basement or a damp feeling as you step onto the carpet of a finished lower level may not seem like cause for concern, you should not ignore them. Small leaks often get more extensive and can lead to health risks or significant structural damage to supports if not repaired.

If a familiar smell embraces you as you walk down your basement stairs, it could be a symbol of mold or mildew growth. Fungi flourish in high moisture areas and can pose a significant health risk to your family. If the air feels clammy or damp, especially after a storm, it’s time to look for cracks. As a home settles, hairline cracks may appear in the concrete walls or basement floor. Most only affect the aesthetics of the area and are no cause for concern. However, it should address wider/deeper cracks presenting a dark, wet surface or waterproofing solutions in Delhi.

1.       Excavation

The most labor-intensive and best waterproofing company portion of the job is excavation. Heavy equipment must remove soil and other debris for the entire wall height to the footings and expose the weeping tile. In some cases, this can be up to eight feet deep. The excavation area is cleared several feet wide for technicians to work and can be the length of one wall or the entire house perimeter.

2.       Wall Cleaning and Examination

Once the exterior foundation is opened, the area is power washed to exclude soil and dissipate concrete. Now experts can receive the root of your water infiltration problems by examining the foundation for cracks or other openings.

3.       Repair Foundation Cracks

The foundation walls are once again structurally sound by filling cracks and holes with high-strength hydraulic cement. This material generally hardens within a couple of hours and can be troweled to a smooth finish.


Aqua-Bloc brand liquid membrane is applied with a trowel to provide waterproof protection to foundation walls, footings, and other construction materials. The rubberized asphalt coating helps to bridge cracks and holes for an added defense against water infiltration.


Yellow Jacket is an open weave glass fabric specially designed to accommodate extra strength against rotting, mildew, and water wicking. Its glowing yellow color reveals any exhibited areas during application to secure complete coating compound basement waterproofing products in Delhi.


Adding a second layer of Aqua-Bloc liquid membrane shields the foundation even more. 


To alleviate excessive pressure on the foundation walls, installing a weeping tile system to drain off water is necessary. The system is installed through several layers consisting of washed gravel, perforated PVC pipe that drains away from the house and filtration fabric prevents dirt from clogging the system.


The basement waterproofing products include covering the weeping tile with 16 inches of gravel, and then the entire excavation area is backfilled with soil.

If you need professional advice for your basement water problems, we can help. The expert basement waterproofing arrangement described above will present a safe, healthy, and dry living space for you and your family for years to come. 

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