A Short Overview about the Benefits of Microbiome Analysis in Australia

by Kriben Govender Health Advisor
The bacterial colonies present in our gut and other sites of the human body are often referred as human microbiome, which is composed of more than a 100 trillion microorganisms. Bacterial colonies present in the gut perform essential functions such as synthesizing vitamins and digesting food. Recent studies carried in Australia have also linked the microbiome to human behavior and mood through the gut-brain axis. In addition, the bacterial colonies present in the guts of the human being will be connected to many gut disorders, chronic sinusitis, weight gains, and eczema.  

Microbiome analysis like gut explorer in Australia tell the users the percentage of the types of bacteria in their gut. In addition, the microbiome analysis will tell the user how the bacterial colonies in the gut that may be affecting the overall health of the patient.  It will also tell the patients if any known pathogenic bacteria are present. In addition, it will also tell through the detailed report that how the diet of the patient is affecting their microbiome. 

Gut Explorer in Australia will assist you in understanding some of the causes if you are experiencing gut-related issues and problems. For the very first time, the patient will be able to see all of the microbial colonies present in their gut. The gut explorer analysis will be helpful in detecting the causes of many diseases such as Bloating, Chronic Fatigue, Diahorea, Depression, Weight gain, Skin conditions, Rheumatoid arthritis, and Autism. This post will briefly discuss different steps involved in the analysis of the microbial DNA and benefits associated with it.

How the Analysis is Done?

First of all, the patient is required to “request for the test” by answering simple questions online. Once approved by qualified doctors in Australia, the patient will reach a stool collection kit for sample collection in discreet envelope.  The test tube provided with the sample collection kit contains pre-added preservative that will maintain the integrity of the microbial DNA for analysis.

The stool collection sample is equipped with all the necessary tools required for collection of sample in hygiene manner. The stool sample will be send to laboratory for sequencing of the microbial DNA by using cutting-edge sequencing technology.

Through analysis of the DNA, a detailed report is prepared and sends to the client after 4-8 months after receiving the stool sample.  The report will help the patients and their clients to understand the type of bacteria present in their gut. The presence of the bacterial colonies will help the doctors understand the cause and potential solutions for different gut-related illnesses in Australia. Apart from this, the detailed report will also contain certain lifestyle and diet changes that will help the patients to achieve good overall health of the patient.

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