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The serious mass protein powder is a light in the darkness. It is a dietary supplement with unequivocal benefits.

Mass gainers are usually defined as supplements that increase body mass, especially mass, by rendering essential macro and micro nutrients. But, the serious mass protein powder is different from normal mass gainers. It is a qualitative protein supplement, manufactured scientifically. They aim is not just to help a person gain weight, but also retain their daily nutrition.

serious mass protein powder


The serious mass protein powder has a good mix of high quality protein, fats, and carbohydrates, all of which end up in giving high calories. The serious mass is present in the form of powder, and can be turned into shakes, or else just simply mixed with water to enjoy a good drink. Also, these powders come in numerous flavours like chocolate, cocoa, strawberry, etc. so you have the option to choose your favourite one.

The crowd of people, who need serious mass protein the most includes underweight people, athletes, weight lifters, oldies, and gym enthusiasts. A serious mass will increases their metabolism, provide the extra energy that they require, and also helps them to process excess calories to gain sufficient mass.


Protein is an integral part of a serious mass protein powder. It is the largest macromolecules present in various areas of the human body such as muscle, bone, skin, hair. Protein, going into the biological details, is made up of smaller structures called amino acids which are nothing but organic compounds made up of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen or sulfur.


Protein is also the main factor for rebuilding muscles, replicating DNA, and catalysing metabolic reactions. Protein manages the building of muscles along with creating up the enzymes that further support chemical reactions. Not to forget, protein raises haemoglobin and hikes up the process of carrying oxygen in your blood.



The serious mass protein powder is loaded with numerous benefits such as:

It manages your weight, and reduces the risk of all sorts of health risks.

The serious mass protein powder is absolutely organic and genuine. It is devoid of sugar, and unhealthy additives. Hence, the supplement makes you gain calories, and leads to a good metabolism, without any harmful effects.

The serious mass also works as a replacement of a meal. It renders a similar increment in one’s energy and calorie level similar to that a wholesome meal would do. A serious mass protein is perfect for skinny people to stay in balance. The best part is that the extra calories gained here do not result in excessive belly fat.

​The serious mass protein powder maintains your metabolism and hence, essential for gaining weight effectively. It also enables your body to process and store energy efficiently. Moreover, the serious mass protein reduces the risk of many diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer.


The serious mass protein, on the other hand, has high quality carbohydrates as well as creatine and glutamine. All the three are crucial for muscle building. The serious mass contains 25 vitamins and minerals which helps a person to gain weight, builds up muscle mass without incurring any unhealthy fat accumulation.


The serious mass protein powder should be taken on the following times to gain best results:

Between the meals

A serious mass can be taken between the meals for quick results. Pairing it with normal meals helps you to enjoy an additional bulk to your digestive system. Also, protein supplements make you feel full and satisfied.

Various studies depicts that the consumption of serious mass weight protein during the meals bestows an additional 1,250 calories per serving. It helps you experience a high increase in the caloric intake, which further converts muscle or/and fat mass for good body metabolism.

Talking about taking it with meals, it is best to take the serious mass protein powder with milk. Consuming a mass gainer with milk will enhance your nutrition. You can either mix your mass gainer with milk, or just mix it in plain water, or in non-fat or low-fat milk. As a result, there will be scrumptious shakes rendering calories and nutrients all together.

Pre and post workout

Next, serious mass protein powder works good when taken pre and post workout. Consuming it pre and post workout will provide the energy necessary for workout, since it burns a lot of energy, hence supplementation is important. When a person exercises, his muscles first uses the glycogen reserves, which is a kind of sugar stored for quick access. These reserves of sugars and ATP are usually small and can be easily depleted. Hence, mass protein powders work as the ideal solution. They help you to maintain your constant energy while working out. Mass protein powder also has other necessary nutrients that fuels your body and increases your muscle growth. Apart from energising you, mass gainers also strengthen your muscles after all strong muscles are crucial for workout.

​​An important point to note her is that energy depletion can weaken your muscles, and lead to fatigue, constant weakness. Mass protein powders help you to protect your muscles from getting loose and ultimately maintain energy levels. Serious mass, furthermore, maintains a perfect balance of nutrients which, in turn, nourishes and heals the micro tears in the muscles. These micro tears are nothing but the result of exercise.

Going To Bed

The third best time to take a serious mass protein powder is before going to bed. You see, when a person is involved in excruciating exercises, it leads to microscopic damage in muscle fibres, making you feel sore. In order to overcome this soreness, it is best to take a serious mass supplement and get an instant rise in the nutrients and energy. Mass gainers help the body to quickly commence the healing process, which is why the serious mass must be taken before going to bed. When a person sleeps, you see, his body goes in the healing mode, when follows it follows repair and rebuild mechanisms. As serious mass before bed is the ideal schedule for your body to use protein and nutrients in order to rebuild torn muscle fibre and enjoy muscle growth. Consumption of serious mass protein before bedtime provides your body with the access to nutrients so as to repair, regrow, and rebuild muscles.

To conclude, a serious mass the secret to a healthy- fit body, smart physique, and also a guarantee to maintain your nutrient surplus for a long time.

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