A Precise Assessment to Check Engine Light at Your Car’s Dashboard

by Nicole Mendel business development
A car is similar to your companion, but what distinguishes a good friend, a check engine light. Your car's check engine light is a warning sign that lets you know something is wrong with it. You could ignore the code or have your car serviced if you don't know what it means.

Not all check engine lights are bad. It might sometimes point to a minor issue that won't do much harm. Other codes, on the other hand, can indicate critical issues that demand immediate attention.

A modern car is equipped with a computer (ECU) to perform a number of operations and monitor performances. The ECU runs an inspection throughout the system throughout the functionalities to ensure their health every time you turn a key to start your vehicle.

This ensures that your car’s engine needs to be intact before you start your drive. So there come the warning lights into action. While the check engine light is one of them to ensure the safety of your car’s engine around.

Why does the check engine light appear in different colours?

The colour of the check engine light does not always remain constant. It appears in different colours, such as red, orange, or yellow.

In some cars, a red light denotes a serious issue that needs to be looked at right away or could even necessitate a call for a car recovery.

However, a flashing light conveys the same thing in some makes and models. Even though solid orange or yellow lights are less dangerous, you should still have them checked to determine what caused them.

What does check engine light actions signify?

Blinking check engine light

A blinking check engine light tells you that your vehicle is in some sort of emergency that need immediate attention without any delay.

If you continue to drive in such a state, there is no doubt that there would be heavy damage to some expensive parts of the car. In such situation, you ends up sustain considerable damage that does not settle less than the car engine repair.

Steady check engine light

A steady check engine light does not hint at any emergency, but it hints at a problem under the hood. It allows you to continue driving to the nearest workshop for an inspection. But, you can avoid a check for a long time.

Is it feasible to drive when your check engine light on?

Is it a common question to anyone that it is safe to drive if a check engine starts to appear on your car’s dashboard?
Sometimes if you get to where you're going without taking the car to the shop, nothing will happen to your car. This is particularly applicable if the problem is just a loose gas cap.

However, if your vehicle is experiencing some of the other typical causes for a check engine light to come on, continuing to drive could worsen the damage and raise the cost of the necessary repairs.

Let’s delve deep to comprehend the impacts of driving your car while the check engine light is on.

Inefficient fuel consumption - A malfunctioning oxygen sensor or mass airflow sensor may yield improper fuel consumption. You can easily sense this during a trip especially when the check engine light is on.

Extreme Emissions - A malfunctioning oxygen sensor and MAF may multiply the production of your car’s emissions. However, it does not come into notice until you opt for an emission test at nearby facility.

Spark plug problems - If your check engine light appears due to worn spark plug, driving further is not going to benefit either and you have to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.  Therefore, it is better to opt for inspection and if required, spark plugs replacement at nearby workshop of Service My Car.

Damaged catalytic converter - Hope! Since it is the most dangerous kind of problem and frequently starts a number of chain reactions, this shouldn't come out be a cause for concern. Catalytic converter problems can be expensive and even result in irreparable harm to your car.

Nevertheless, visiting a workshop is still a preferred option to deal with any problem as well as mitigating the risks.
It is advisable to never neglect a check engine light even if you have had a previous experience when it was just a loose cap only. However, there have been times when the check engine light has appeared and then gone off after a while. There is no assurance that will occur this time, so plan an inspection by a skilled mechanic at a reputable shop like Service My Car.

Here, you can get a car scanning and diagnostics for a thorough check of your car, including the engine. It performs tests on the vehicle to identify the real source of issues and makes the best repair recommendations. If you need any type of car service & repair, service my car provides you free pickup and delivery at the nearest skoda repair center.

Service My Car assist you in keeping your vehicle in best of condition, but it entirely depends on you how sharp is your reaction time to an appearance of check engine light. However, you can book a car service or order a car repair quote at our website or app.

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