A Major Side Effect Of Morton's Neuroma

by Liza Dcruz SEO Analysis Expert
Whether you're a fashionista or a professional model, wearing high heels is a definite symbol of a sophisticated woman. This trend has long been a representation of eminence. However, this particular accessory too has a major downfall. There has been a popular say that beauty is pain. It seems that this proverb goes hand-in-hand with the fashion of high heels.

Wearing high heels can cause a lot of problems and one of the major side effects is Morton's Newroma. However, the primary cause of this ailment is stretching the nerves and ligaments to a greater extent.

An overview of Morton's neuroma 

Morton's neuroma is a condition when the patient experiences intense sharp pain at the ball of the foot. It occurs commonly in the area between the third and fourth toes. The patient may feel that he/she is standing on a pebble as if it's inside the shoe or on a fold in the socks.

Basically, when the tissue around the nerves in your toes gets thickened, it causes Morton's neuroma. The sharp, burning pain in the foot ball may also turn numb, or in severe cases can sting or burn intensely. This is the reason why most of the professional podiatrists recommend the sufferer to switch to low-heeled or completely flat shoes with wider toe boxes. Morton's neuroma generally occurs in conjunction with bursitis.


Whenever you experience a sharp pain at the foot ball or the middle of the foot, you can be quite sure that you're developing Morton's neuroma. Remember, whenever you give extra load on the forefoot, Morton's neuroma is bound to occur. In such cases, it it suggested to contact with a trained podiatrist who offers expert heel pain treatment in Perth.


Morton's neuroma is a musculoskeletal problem which can be easily cured if you consider to visit the clinic of a professional podiatrist. At the first stage, a test will be done that includes Moulder's click. This involves compressing the metatarsal heads to evoke a click.

Important points to remember 

If you want to stay away from Morton's neuroma:

  • Do not ever wear narrow, tight footwear with high heels.
  • Minimise excessive rotating of the metatarsal heads.
  • When taking steps, always try to create a bigger foot contact with the ground.

However, if the problem still arises, consider to contact a professional podiatrist in Perth to diagnose it as soon as possible.

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