A Guide to Playing Teen Patti and Its Strategies

by Rahul Kumar A freelance blogger

Teen Patti is one of the most prominent Indian games of poker that includes three to six participants along with a deck of fifty-two playing cards without the use of jokers. Same as poker, the dealer allocates three cards facing downwards in an anti-clockwise way for each player in the game. Generally, the victor of the hand served gets the chance to be the next dealer of cards. After the cards are allocated, the participants seated on the left of the dealer begins to wager, and each participant places their bet as per the strength of their cards. There are no limitations to wagering rounds. The participants remaining till the last round have to show their cards. The player with the strongest point cards is the winner of the pot.

Nonetheless, if all participants with the exception of one fold their cards, the one remaining shall be declared the winner. Before the distribution of the cards by the dealer commences, a particular minimal amount for the pot is decided, and the same is collected from each participant. This is the least amount to deposit in a pot and not the totality of the amount for the pot. It is positioned in the middle of the table for all to see. As the game continues, the money in the pot increases, and the end of it, it belongs to the winner.

To win a game, luck may play an important part, but having a strategy for the Teen Patti rules is more logical and increases your probability of a victory.

Begin Gradually

Be slow and understand the pattern of the cards placed with you. Placing a large bet at the start of the game, the participants who hold the weaker cards will fold, thus limiting the amount to be collected in the pot.


Giving too much importance to your luck quotient may cost you the game. The strategy of packing is one of the smartest ones that a Teen Patti player can use at the right time. When the probability of winning is slim, it's better to wait for a more convenient time to utilize your money better.

Never give up

There might be circumstances where you are the one holding the weak cards. It is discouraging, but keep on with your efforts. Using the premium points and free chips on such times may help you cut your losses and give you time until you end up with a better hand.

Being Alert

Understand the strategies of your adversaries. Noticing the habits and tells of your opponents will highly advantage your chances of winning. It makes it easy to track the ones who are bad at hiding their expressions.

To understand it all, be prepared before you step up to the table. Teen Patti rules and games are simple and are very interesting. The most apparent strategy is understanding all the varieties of the game around. Betting on the patterns that you know and profiling helps to limit your losses and also increase your chances for a win.

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