A Firsthand Look at Selling Your Diamonds or Gold

by Kevin Smith Author

The Reality of Selling Diamonds

First off, why would anyone want to sell their fashionable jewelry? Well, someone could question, why not? Anyone who breathes know what a diamond is. With an estimated $13 billion worth of diamonds being produced a year, you can see how significant these items can be to many people. Prices have globally increased tenfold since the 60s. Not to mention, they also drastically increase in value from processing to retail. Every diamond is unique! But before a determination can be made on the resale value, you need to know 4 important criteria: color, cut, clarity, and carat weight. Once an appraiser looks at each one of these important facts, the appraiser will decide what the gem is worth to the purchaser and to the seller.

The Resale of Diamonds

Reselling diamonds has its pros and cons. To resell a diamond, you must first put it into perspective. Decide how important the jewel is to you. Then, determine if the value is worth more to you in memory than the amount of money you will receive. Jewelers who are in the market to purchase diamonds do give fair market value like most Atlanta gold buyers. If you decide to go the route of selling, understand that the amount will typically be less than when you purchased it from a jeweler. The reasoning is, when you purchased it from a jeweler, the price was elevated. The store buys their diamonds at a cheaper price because they buy them in a larger quantity. But if you are in need of money, selling the diamonds can benefit you. Make sure you shop around for the best jeweler.

The Reality of Selling Gold

All humans are familiar with what gold is. If you didn’t know, the value of gold can change daily. The correlation between the gold price and the debt growth has been accurate since 2001. When the government spends more on essential services or wars, gold prices match the accumulated national debt. With all of this knowledge, it is important that you do your research or put your trust with a credible jeweler who will point you in the right direction.

The Resale of Gold

Like diamonds, there are certain criteria that determine the value of gold at resale value. The current day’s price of gold is the biggest factor. Are the prices increasing from yesterday or have they dramatically decreased? Does your item contain precious metal and, if it does, what is the weight of that precious metal? Another big factor is, what is the purity of it? When you and the appraiser have determined what the value is, you must decide whether this is the right decision for you. You never do know; the price of gold could decrease tomorrow and you may have missed your big chance. So, don't have regrets and seek that right jeweler by searching Atlanta gold buyers.

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