A Few Good Reasons To Choose Breast Augmentation With Caution

by John Fostar Media Releation

Breast augmentation is a popular surgical procedure in the United States.

Statistics say it all.

Boob jobs, with nearly 310,444 procedures in 2016, are among the top five, and rank second with liposuction topping the list.

Nevertheless, if you are one among the many women considering breast augmentation, here are a few things you must know.

·         A prior discussion with a competent surgeon is a must.

·         Your decision to get breast implants must be based on realistic expectations of the outcomes.

·         There is absolutely no guarantee that the outcome will match with what you have in mind.

Most surgeons recommend silicone gel filled implants.

“I recommend this procedure for women at least 22 years old and, for those who desire breast reconstruction, a procedure that replaces breast tissue removed due to cancer”, says a specialist of breast implant surgery in Frederick MD.

The doctor further adds that he contraindicates this procedure for women:

·         who have an active infection

·         with existing cancer of the breasts

·         who are currently pregnant or nursing

When women go for consultation on breast augmentation, Frederick MD surgeons provide them with the following important information regarding gel filled implants.

·         Gel implants are not lifetime devices and the procedure is not likely to be a onetime surgery.

·         Many of the changes of breast contours following the surgery are irreversible. If the patient chooses to have the implants removed, she may experience undesirable effects like dimpling or wrinkling, which can be permanent.

There are some other things that you must keep in mind.

If rupture happens of the silicone gel implant, it is more often than not, silent. It is difficult for you and even your surgeon to know. The chances of knowing however are high if an MRI is done.

Doctors, therefore, suggest patients to get an MRI done 3 years after the first surgical procedure and one after every 2 years thereafter.

If rupture occurs, some women choose to get their implants removed.

Such a situation has its flip side too.

If you want a re-surgery to address rupture, your insurance premiums can swell or even the coverage may be dropped or denied.

It is therefore imperative that women must make a long term call before jumping on the bandwagon of a boob job.

Yes, a large number of successful procedures shown in official statistics look enticing.

But the best bet is your own level of risk aversion and the degree of cosmetic enhancement you are looking for.

Get answers to questions like:

·         Is the surgeon certified to perform silicone filled breast implants?

·         Is he/she board certified?

·         What is the most common complication the surgeon has encountered?

·         What are the re-operation rates?

Remember, there are alternatives to breast augmentation. You can accept your breasts as they are or wear a padded bra or external prostheses to boost your external contour.

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