A Drug May Save Your Marriage ?

by Alice Jones Business Expert

The Problem

Erectile dysfunction (ED), although common in lots of men, is a topic most would consider taboo. According to a recent study in the UNITED KINGDOM, women often feel rejected, unattractive, abandoned and shameful when their husbands are unable to get an erection during intercourse. Often women tend to blame themselves for the situation and begin to see themselves as undesirable. This lack of self-esteem or self-doubt can force a woman to re-evaluate her relationship with her husband. Another study cites low self-esteem as the number one reason why women cheat in marriage. Another reason is sexual deprivation. Whilst there are no excuses for infidelity in marriages, it is important to note the possibility of divorce due to ED problems. Erectile dysfunction has far reaching effects and can often lead to divorce in marriage. No matter how strong a couple may be, sexual intimacy is a vital part of any relationship.

The Answer

There is no need to despair, online pharmacies have made it possible to access the best ED medications, such as Sildenafil tablets, at low prices. This includes approved medications that contain Sildenafil Citrate 100mg. The same dose of this tried and tested, breakthrough active ingredient is also the basis for the effectiveness of the brand Viagra. One popular example of Sildenafil based medication- is Eriacta tablets: another highly affordable and effective option in the treatment of ED.

It is a well-known fact that men often feel embarrassed or ashamed to speak out loud about this problem. However, finding a simple solution is as easy as searching for an online pharmacy. Read on.

What exactly is Sildenafil?

This medication, more scientifically referred to as Sildenafil Citrate, as mentioned, is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men and is the key ingredient in the brand Viagra. Sildenafil relaxes the muscles that are found in the walls of the blood vessels. This in turn allows the vessels to dilate and thus encourages increased blood flow to the genital area. Sexual stimulation is needed however. More blood flow to the penis allows for an erection to be achieved and sustained long enough for intercourse (in other words, fight the effects of ED).

What are some of the precautions when using Sildenafil tablets?

There are various cheaper and equally effective alternatives to Viagra. These can be bought online without a prescription. Nonetheless, there are several instances where the medication should not be taken, so be advised in the following cases:

Ø  Allergic to it

Ø  Using a nitrate drug for chest or heart problems

Ø  Taking recreational drugs

Ø  Have been drinking alcohol

Under these conditions one should use this medication with caution:

Ø  Have heart disease

Ø  Suffered a heart attack

Ø  High or low blood pressure

Ø  Have liver or kidney disease

Ø  Bleeding disorder

Ø  Stomach ulcer


How should you use Sildenafil  tablets to get the maximum results?

You should adhere to the recommended dosage which is one 100mg tablet as needed, in a 24-hour period. The tablet should be taken an hour or so before sex. The medication is active in one’s body for 4-6 hours and during this window, provided there is arousal, an erection can occur. 


What are the possible side effects of the medication?

The medication is safe and does not pose a threat on one’s health, however the following rare and mild side effects may be present. These are tolerable and dissipate as the medication wears off. They may include:

Ø  Stuffy nose

Ø  Indigestion

Ø  Headache

Ø  Facial flushing

Sildenafil tablets are suitable for men between the ages of 18 and 65, men older may use the medication with caution and in smaller doses. Always research into the best dosage level for you.


How can you buy Sildenafil?

The great news is that Sildenafil tablets can be found online via e-pharmacies, without needing a prescription. There a many reputable e-pharmacies which offer:

Ø  Free delivery in the UNITED KINGDOM/EU

Ø  Discreet packaging

Ø  Fast delivery (UNITED KINGDOM:2-7 business days, EU:7-14 business days)

Ø  Customer care online – 24/7

Ø  Great offers on bulk buys

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