A Detailed Guide To Kit Homes

by Jessica Wilson Blog Writer
With the rising cost of living, homeownership is taking a different turn. People are looking for more affordable and time-saving housing options. That is where kit homes come in. Over the years, these homes have risen in popularity because of their affordability, convenience, and ease of construction. This article will explain why kit homes are beneficial and how to select the best kit home for you and your family. But first:

What is a kit home?

A kit home is a housing facility that is designed offsite and delivered to your doorstep. Usually, contractors build parts that make up a house and put together the pre-cut pieces on your property. You can also refer to kit homes as mail-order homes because of how convenient the process has become. These homes are the current obsession for property owners who don’t want the struggle of digging up foundations or spending months dealing with site visits, contractors, and construction workers.

Why you need a kit home?

They are affordable

Compared to building an entire conventional home from scratch, kit homes are very affordable. No matter what your budget is, you can always find a kit home that suits your reference. On average, kit homes can cost as low as $20,000 and go up from there. On the other hand, traditional houses can be more expensive. You might spend years paying off your mortgage.

However, it is vital to note these prices are not inclusive of labor, land, furniture, and other interior design utilities. It only covers the exterior of the structure.


The best part of going the kit home route is the ability to save time. You can put up a kit home in a day or under a week, depending on the size and specifications. When you use a reliable contractor, you can move into your kit home in no time.


You can customize kit homes to suit your needs. Good contractors will take time to allow you to air your style ideas before they embark on creating pre-cut pieces. Although they deliver ready-made parts, it doesn’t mean that you have to contend with a specific design. With that said, if you’re looking to invest in a kit home, here are a few things you should consider.

Factors to consider before buying a kit home

1. Although they are less expensive compared to conventional homes, you still need to consider the price. It is essential for the kit home you select to be worth every penny. Several mid-level contractors pay way more than they should. Therefore, take time to check prices and specifications.

2. Secondly, do your research. If you must, then visit sample houses to see what the contractor has delivered before. This will give you a clue of the type of company you’re trusting with your finances.

3. The location is also a vital factor. Before you put up a kit home, understand the weather conditions, soil composition, and climate. Otherwise, termites might destroy your home; you may get your roof blown off or put up a fire-prone kit home. Therefore, conduct enough research that will support your decision and put you at ease.

Overall, a reliable contractor will ensure you make the right decision as you embark on your kit homeownership. Smiling Woods Yurts are a result-oriented and dependable company. They highlight the needs of each client to ensure they deliver high-quality and stylish kit homes.

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