A Detailed Guide to Dental Implants

by Clayton Clive Blogger
In the recent years, dental implants have become the most preferred method for treating tooth loss. As per dental prosthetics, more than 35 million Americans are missing all their teeth in one or both jaws. Around 15 million people in the United States have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth. The number of dental implant procedures in the U.S. is growing by 500,000 a year. As stated in scientific literature, the success rate of dental implants is reported as 98%. Due to their mounting popularity, the estimated US and European market for dental implants is expected to reach $4.2 billion by 2022. Further, the dental implant and prosthetic market in the U.S is expected to reach $6.4 billion by 2018.

So, what exactly dental implants are? Generally, made of titanium post, dental implants are a safe and proven effective replacement for the tooth root. Unlike bridges, dental implants don’t come loose and are not required to be anchored to other teeth, thus they promote general oral health.

How dental implants are placed?
Dental implants are usually placed in the jawbone beneath the gum line that allows the dentist to mount replacement teeth or a bridge into that area. When placed properly by an experienced dentist, the implant fuses, or integrates with the patient’s natural bone and forms the stable and sturdy base for the replacement teeth.

How do Dental Implants Work?
Dental implants easily fuse to the patient’s jawbone and provide a stable support for artificial teeth. The dentures and bridges mounted to implants won’t shift or slip in the mouth, which is an important benefit when eating and speaking. When placed properly, they feel more natural as compared to conventional bridges or dentures.

Different types of dental implants
According to the American Dental Association, there are two types of dental implants that are safe:

  • Endosteal implants: Endosteal implants are the implants that are generally shaped like a screw or cylinder and are made either of metal, metal covered with ceramic or ceramic material. The implants are surgically implanted straight into the jawbone. As soon as the surrounding gum tissue has healed, another surgery is required to fix a post to the original implant. At the last, an artificial tooth or teeth is attached to the post either individually or grouped on a bridge or denture. These types of implants are very much effective in restoring a patient’s smile after missing one tooth or many.
  • Subperiosteal implants: Subperiosteal implants are the implants that are usually consist of a metal frame that attaches on top of the jawbone but underneath the gum tissue. Once the gums heal, the frame becomes fixed to the jawbone. Posts that are attached to the frame stick out through the gums and artificial teeth are then mounted to the posts. These types of implants are perfect for patients who have a shallow or weaker jawbone and do not want to go through a procedure to rebuild it.

Advantages of dental implants

Here are some of the key advantages of dental implants:

  • When implanted by an experienced implant dentist, dental implants are not only a strong and stable option, but they also look, feel, fit and functions like a natural tooth.
  • Dental implants do not interfere with eating, smiling, speaking and various other activities of everyday life.
  • An important advantage of dental implants is that no adjacent teeth need to be prepared or ground down to hold the new replacement tooth/teeth in place.
  • Traditional tooth-supported dental bridges usually last for 5-7 years and at some point of time they may need to be replaced, whereas dental implants that may require periodic adjustments can last a lifetime when properly placed and cared.
  • Dental implants allow patients to maintain the natural shape of their face and smile.
  • Dental implants prevent healthy, adjacent teeth from shifting, thus protect other healthy teeth.
  • Among various dental restoration options, dental implants are the only option that preserves and stimulates natural bone. They also support bone growth and prevent bone loss.

How to determine the right type of implant?
Dental implants come in a variety of sizes and heights including narrow and standard. It is vital to consult with a dental implant expert who is well-trained to help you in determining the right option for you depending on the tooth or teeth that need to be replaced. 

Right candidates for dental implants
In order to receive dental implants, you must have healthy gums and adequate bone to support the implant. After implants have been placed, it is vital to keep the structures healthy. Moreover, for the long-term success of dental implants, you must follow a thorough oral hygiene along with regular dental visits.

What is the cost of dental implants?
As compared to various other methods of tooth replacement, dental implants are quite expensive. Further, most insurance carriers typically cover less than 10% of the fees. However, if you are considering going for dental implant procedure, you need not to worry about the implant’s cost because nowadays, there are many online sites through which you can avail affordable healthcare by comparing the prices offered by the top dental service providers. You can also make a cash offer to Save on dental procedures. These sites allow you to choose your desired procedure when and where you want and at a price that you can afford. They will match your requirements to a trusted, pre-screened certified provider in your area who meets your criteria.

Over the years, dental implant technology has been improving constantly, offering patients with unmatched levels of effectiveness, convenience, and affordability. However, it is important to note that the dental implant technology is quite complicated. Therefore, you must choose your dentist carefully. By choosing a credentialed implant dentist, you will not only get the right treatment, but also a peace of mind.

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