A Complete History of Bangles

by Arianna Lane marketing head

Bangles are originated from India, and they are made from the wood, metal, gold, silver, glass, and so on. These are known as the traditional ornaments which are mostly worn by the Indian women. There are several other names of the bangles, and they are Kannada, Choodi, Chura and some other names. Some people also wear a single bangle on their arm, and these are called as Kara or Kada. When it comes to know about the Chooda, then these are primarily worn by the bride. The color of the bangles is red, and there are white color stones present in it.

The largest producers of the bangles in India are Uttar Pradesh and Firozabad. Generally, these are round in shape, and they are not as flexible as the bracelets. You can also search for Artificial bangles online shopping to know about several designs. There are wide varieties of bangles, and each one is worn on special occasions. In this guide, we have covered all the aspects related to know about the history of the bangles. Moreover, you will also come to know about the types, materials, colors, and some other things. Let us discuss them below.

Ø  Origin

The bangles were first worn back in 2600 B.C, and it is considered as the starting of wearing bracelets in the life of humans. It is further explored from the various sites like the Mauryan empire, Mayan settlements, and the Roman empire.

Ø  Making

When the bangles were originated, then they are made from natural materials like clay and shells. After the evolution, the makers started using glass and metals for the formation. Nowadays, these are made from rubbers and synthetic plastic. Moreover, you can search for Artificial bangles online shopping to get all the details related to the designs and sizes.

Ø  Materials

At that time each bangle is made in such a way that it looks unique. It is because they help to indicate the present status of the wearer. You will find several types of bangles which represent the tradition and culture of any region. The cost of the bracelets only depends on the type and material used. If it is made from the rare one, then you need to pay more amount for buying them.

Ø  Colors

One of the most critical aspects of the bangles. It means that each color represents something, and if a woman is wearing them, then you can quickly know the purpose of wearing them. We will discuss some of the things to get the proper knowledge of the color. The red one means passion or energy, yellow is for happiness, white means new beginnings, and silver shows the strength. You can wear them according to the color of the bangles as each one has different meanings.

To conclude, in my perspective, these all are the essential facts to know about the history of bangles. It is best to know about them to make sure to wear them for a purpose.

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