A Complete Guide To Iron-Deficiency In Kids

by Paul White Dietician

Iron is one of the pivotal nutrients required for the proper mental as well as physical growth of a child. Up to 6 months, babies get enough iron from the breastfeeds, but after that, they need some additional source of iron for adequate development. That’s why pediatricians and gynecologists suggest iron-fortified formula, cereals, and iron supplements for little ones after the age of six months.

Not only babies, toddlers, and even school-going children also need the right amount of iron in their meals. The lack of this crucial mineral for the production of RBCs and hemoglobin (a blood protein). Hemoglobin carries oxygen to every part and organ of the body. Its deficiency can make a child weak, dull, and dizzy. Not just that, the low iron content can affect the school performance of lids in several ways.

Key Causes Of Iron Deficiency (Anemia) In Children

  • Poor Iron Intake

Generally, kids get iron from their daily meals; however, if no sufficient amount of iron-rich food is included in their meal plan, the chances of becoming anemic increase. As it is said, “quality of food matters more than quality.” So, you need to include nutrient-rich items in your loved one’s diet.

  • Physical Changes

When a child enters puberty, more iron is required to produce more red blood cells.

  • GI Tract Issues

Some kids eat enough iron-rich foods but still do not have adequate iron levels. This may be due to poor iron consumption. GI tract problems are the major cause of this problem, which should be cured as soon as possible.

  • Loss Of Blood

Injuries, menstrual bleeding, and gastrointestinal bleeding are other factors in iron deficiency in the body.

 Early Signs Of Iron-Deficiency Anemia In Kids

Following are the symptoms that help you diagnose iron-deficiency anemia in your child at an early stage.

Skin Paleness
  • Giddiness and Irritability
  • Problem in breathing
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Craving for dirt
  • Brittle nails

How Is Iron-Deficiency Anemia Diagnosed In Children?

Generally, anemia is identified with the Hemoglobin and Hematocrit blood test. Through the rest, hemoglobin and red blood cells are detected in blood samples to diagnose iron deficiency.

Another common test to identify iron deficiency anemia is CBC, Peripheral Smear, Reticulocyte Count.

CBC is a complete blood test that is used to determine the health of red blood cells, platelets, and white blood cells. It also includes the diagnoses of hemoglobin and hematocrit and shapes of red blood cells.

In the Peripheral Smear test, the red blood cells are analyzed under the microscope to determine the real cause that hinders the growth and development of red blood cells in kids.

Immature blood cells are known as Reticulocytes. Doctors sometimes also suggest taking a Reticulocyte count test of children to measure the amount of newly formed RBCs in a child’s blood sample.

How To Treat Iron-Deficiency Anemia In A Kid?

Treatment for iron deficiency anemia depends on several factors like age, gender, and overall health.

Typically, an iron-rich diet is the most common way to prevent children from anemia. Include nuts, dark green leafy vegetables, fortified bread, pork and whole grain cereals to level up your kid’s iron status.

Also, don’t be afraid to give iron supplements to your loved ones after 6 months of age.

Worrying about digestive issues that iron alternatives may cause?

Don’t panic; several renowned brands like Novaferrum and Cipla offer 100% safe and natural iron supplements for kids. Some of the brands also add vitamin C into the iron alternatives so that it can be digested easily and doesn’t cause harm to your child’s tummy.

Wrapping Up-:

It is pivotal to keep an eye on the kid’s iron status and call healthcare providers if they have any signs of iron deficiency. Also, don’t start feeding supplements to your loved one without the prescription of a pediatrician.

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