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Hysterectomy is a surgery that is used to remove a woman's uterus, where a baby grows when a woman is pregnant. Usually during the surgery the whole uterus is removed, but depending on the condition, your doctor may also remove your fallopian tubes and ovaries. After you have hysterectomy surgery, you would no longer have menstrual periods and you cannot become pregnant.


Why hysterectomy is needed?

There might be different reasons why you may need a hysterectomy and these are mentioned below:

If the uterine fibroid or noncancerous grows in the wall of the uterus there is a chance that you need to undergo hysterectomy surgery. The reason is that because in some cases the women can experience pain or heavy bleeding.

·         Heavy or unusual vaginal bleeding is another reason of hysterectomy surgery. The changes in hormone levels or infection or even cancer can cause heavy, prolonged bleeding and in order to overcome with this, hysterectomy surgery is done.

·         If you are experiencing Uterine prolapse and that is when the uterus slips from its usual place down into the vagina. The process is more common in women who had several vaginal births. If this is what you have experienced, you need to have laparoscopic gynaecology surgery.

·         If you have endometriosis and that happens when the tissue that normally lines up in the uterus but it grows outside of the uterus on the ovaries. If this happens, then you may experience severe pain and bleeding between periods. In order to overcome this pain, hysterectomy is done.

·         Cancer or pre-cancer of the uterus, ovary, cervix, or endometrium can let you have hysterectomy. This is an option that you might need to follow if you have cancer in one of these areas.


Hysterectomy is done in different ways and the surgery totally depends on your health history and even the reason for your surgery.

·         If you are being asked for abdominal hysterectomy, it is when your doctor makes a cut, usually in your lower abdomen and makes the surgery.

·         If you are going to have vaginal hysterectomy, it is done through a small cut in the vagina.

·         There is laparoscopic hysterectomy as well, where a laparoscope is an instrument with a thin, lighted tube and a small camera added in it, which can allows your doctor to see your pelvic organs. In such type of surgery the doctor makes very small cuts to put the laparoscope and surgical tools inside of you. During the surgery, uterus is removed through the small cuts made in either your abdomen or your vagina.

·         The next is robotic surgery, where your doctor guides a robotic arm in order to conduct the surgery through small cuts in your lower abdomen, which is alike a laparoscopic hysterectomy.


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