A Closer look at the Wireless Car Charger

by Mohit J. White Hat Link Building Services
In the world we live in, many of us have various pieces of technology that we rely on. We carry phones with us, laptops, iPads, and more. On our phones are important details, phone books, calendar, apps we rely on. As we increasingly lean on these items to help us run our day to day lives it becomes more and more important that they are charged when we need them. It is also true that more people are facing longer commutes today than ever, and again having your phone stay charged is important. 

Until recently this has meant people have to remember to bring their chargers with them to work and charge before they travel, and then bring it all home and charge again at home. Or it means remembering to have another car charger in the car to plug into your cigarette lighter. Both of these options have issues, remembering to do it, lots of chargers involved, especially if your phone is not the only one in the household. That is why a good wireless car charger is something to take a closer look at. 

Wireless charging changes everything!
A wireless car charger works on phones that Qi-enabled. While phones being made today are, older models are not always, so if you are interested in getting this feature for your car, make sure you have a phone it would work on! Imagine being wire-free in your car as well as your home. No need to hunt in your dash for the charger and plug it in and then find the cord is too short and placing the phone to charge is awkward at best! There are different options with different mount choices and you can choose what you prefer, sit your phone in position or lie it down and then drive.

Gives you much better reliability
You no longer have to worry about that low battery flashing on your phone. If you are using your phone to navigate by you do not need to worry about getting lost because the phone runs down. A wireless car charger is perfect for Uber drivers or those doing rideshares, as it means those apps you need to use that lean heavily on your phone battery, will not drain it to the point where you can no longer work. 

How it mounts to your car
There are several types on the market, some charge a little faster, hold differently and some are easier to install. The main thing to consider with the charger is how it attaches to the car, and then how it holds your phone. Some use standard springs, which can be on the bulky side but have good durability. Suction cups are another option but if the car temperatures are going to reach high numbers they can fail. There are ones that use gravity grips so your phone can be held vertically and is easy to reach. 

A wireless car charger gives you a lot of benefits but keep in mind that they tend to not charge as quickly as the cigarette lighter with a cable method. This is fine for long drives but it means you do not get much of a power boost for short trips. Also, make sure that where you live allowed the charger as some have laws about materials on dashboards or windshields.

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