A Brief History of Military Watches

by Dynamix Group Writer

The concept of wristwatches is a relatively old phenomenon. Women jewelry dating back to the sixteenth century included rudimentary timepieces which were worn at that time. However, men often roamed around with pocket watches and for them, the concept of wristwatches is a relatively modern innovation. The development of watches for men is closely related to war and military since the nineteenth century. The acceptance for men wrist watches was mainly due to military personnel donning them.

Watches in today’s time are extremely common and are worn by everyone. You can find men and women choosing from a range of styles. To add to this abundance, the availability of analog, digital, dive, casual and military watches online has allowed people to purchase them sitting at the comfort of their homes. There are several stories behind the birth of military watches which shall interest any military watch enthusiast.

The most commonly accepted view is the German Imperial Navy story. In 1880 while handling heavy machinery, a German naval officer wanted to know the time but was unable to take out his pocket watch as both his hands were engaged. So wristwatches were strapped onto the hands of seamen.

Another version states that military watches were first worn during the Boer war that went on from 1899 to 1902. It is also believed that Japanese soldiers were the first ones to wear wristwatches as watches were issued to them as an official item during the Sino-Japanese war. The reason behind the innovation was for the ease of knowing time on the battlefield. It is but obvious that one can’t be expected to take out a pocket watch while fighting a battle.

The use of military watches shot up during World War I. This is when wristwatches became essential for soldiers. In the initial stage of development, some watches had a cover while others had no cover over the watch crystals. The first company to come up with a military watch model named Khaki was Hamilton. The model is very popular till date and preferred by most of the American Military. Other companies that were called for the supply of military wristwatches include the world-renowned Omega and Elgin. Over a period of time, these watches became a status symbol and owning one was a matter of pride.

You can find military watches in India on the Timex website and stores. They have some of the best pieces in the market with a guarantee of quality and endurance. If you are a watch enthusiast, adding a military wristwatch to your collection is a must. 


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