A Brief Guide— Building Safety Tips from the Experts

by Kristen White Blogger
Even with existing security systems, a building is still not fully protected. Security experts in OKC locksmith have been able to demonstrate to building owners how their security can be compromised within an hour. This article will share with you expert advice on how to fully secure your business from external and internal threats.

Reception Security Do’s and Dont’s

Most big buildings are home to a number of businesses and the reception area is shared under a hospitality management company. A number of safety precautions are flaunted opening up the building to insecurity. By considering the following do’s and don’ts, you can make the place safer.


  • Insist visitors provide identification documents
  • Provide visitors with tags and access control cards for lifts and the stairs
  • Always have someone manning the reception area
  • Ensure every visitor is actually there to see a particular person within the building


  • Assume that an individual is who they say they are
  • Be rushed into making wrong decisions just because someone claims to be in a hurry
  • Leave the sign in book where anyone can have access to it
  • Be deceived by a person’s appearance or attitude. Just because someone looks like they belong in the building, doesn’t mean they do.
  • Allow a visitor to wander around without any attention being paid to them

Office Security Do’s and Don’ts

Office security should stretch further than just locks and keys, you should also have a security culture which managers impart to the rest of the team. These do’s and don’ts will help.


  • Build a security awareness culture with everyone knowing it is their responsibility to ensure safety
  • Have a clear visitors policy and have it displayed in plain sight
  • Insist that visitors provide identification
  • Ask for car registration numbers ahead of a visitor’s arrival
  • Have restricted access to staff entrances
  • Install CCTV surveillance in particular areas
  • Ask as many questions as you need to be sure a visitor is safe
  • Make follow-up calls to verify a visitor is who they say they are
  • Be aware of the manipulative tactics criminals can use to worm their way into your office with charm and deception
  • Verify that appointments have really been scheduled as the guest claims
  • Ensure ALL employees undergo security awareness training
  • Instill the habit of locking cabinets in the office
  • Give feedback on security training


  • Leave keys in the doors
  • Leave empty offices and boardrooms unlocked especially when there are visitors in the building
  • Leave passwords, tags, and keys lying around in the open
  • Be too polite, be assertive and question unfamiliar people within the building what they are doing or where they are wandering off to
  • Hold doors open for people walking behind you. This is a common way for unauthorized people
  • Leave user accounts signed in when you walk away from your computer
  • Have network cables visible, they can attract opportunists
  • Leave any valuable items like phones and laptops unattended
  • Leave visitors alone in rooms with sensitive information or items unless there is CCTV surveillance

The experts like OKC locksmith note that security is about taking logical action and being vigilant to ensure loopholes are plugged up. 

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