9 Ways to Get Enough Vitamin B12 if You Don't Eat Meat

by Jessica Roggers Home Healthcare products
Plant-based diets remain trendy as ever these days, and many vegetarians, or those simply trying to eat less meat, are seeking alternatives to animal products as a way to maintain a healthy weight and heart. And they're not without reason: Compared to meat eaters, vegetarians tend to have lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure, which is linked to a reduced risk for heart disease and certain types of cancer, says Harvard Health.

If you're not careful, though, an unbalanced vegetarian diet can cause deficiencies in important nutrients like B12, a vitamin that's not only essential for healthy brain function but also increasingly difficult for our bodies to absorb as we get older. There are also certain drugs that cause increase your risk for B12 deficiency, along with having weight loss surgery or a digestive disorder. When you're deficient in B12, you may feel fatigue, nausea, muscle weakness, and tingling in the hands and feet. You may also feel forgetful and anxious, your skin may become more pale, and your vision can decline.

See your doctor and get a blood test done if you suspect you're lacking this important vitamin, and then overhaul your diet to get more of it. Vitamin B12 also helps you immune system stay strong, and it's also involved in metabolism, DNA, and red blood cell production. Because B12 is primarily found in meat and other animal products—and not in plant foods unless they're fortified—you may need to seek out a daily supplement. Or, you can try getting more naturally by eating these nine foods:

• Fortified breakfast cereals
• Cow's milk
• Eggs
• Greek yogurt
• Nutritional yeast
• Tempeh
• Fortified soymilk
• Shiitake mushrooms
• Nori (seaweed)

Have you been feeling sluggish or have always had low energy? You may have a Vitamin B12 deficiency. B12 can help make you feel more alive. VITBOOST B12 is one of the best options for B12 supplement on the market because its ingredients don’t need to be converted in the liver, and its liquid form makes it highly absorbable and potent. We have received positive reviews on the soft raspberry taste!

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Vitamin B12 is required for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body. It is one of the most important vitamins to have in your diet every day to help keep your body active and healthy. Vitamin B12 promotes energy production by supporting the adrenal glands, red blood cell formation, and helps convert carbohydrates to glucose – the fuel our bodies use for energy.

Often vegans do not get enough of B12. VITBOOST designed their B12 to be vegan friendly and do not get the proper dosage of B12 in their diet.

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