9 Ways by which Teachers Can Inculcate Good Habits in Preschoolers

by Mirdalini Sharma Digital Marketer

Kids are the future of any nation! The way they ought to be, depends solely on their upbringing, of which teachers are an integral part. Imparting knowledge isn’t just enough, dwelling in etiquettes and good manners personify budding beings into responsible& reflective adults of the society. Unlike the traditional teaching methodologies in India, far from home, modern teaching is targeted to nurture the children holistically in an environment conducive for learning and more; and this is now being reiterated by many top pre nursery schools in South Delhi. Here, holistic development is the keystone and teachers are no longer the knowledge givers but ‘facilitators’, who facilitate the process of learning by guiding the child while letting him explore all through:


1.    Being Role Models: Being a kid with kids is the best thing to do! But treating a young one as another respectable adult marks the onset of communication between a teacher and a preschooler. Whatever is expected from the child should be done by the teacher. Whether spreading a napkin beneath the Tiffin box or not spilling food outside while eating, are some of the ways by which teachers can connect to the little one. The child will imitate each thing!

2.    Courtesy words: Treating the child with courtesy every day by wishing ‘Good Morning’, ‘Thank You’, ‘Excuse Me’ and so on should be practiced all the time at schools.

3.    Games and Play: Playing among themselves is a fruitful activity that kids must be allowed in a preschool setting. Teamwork, healthy competition, learning to lose gracefully is certain things that can be taught during such times by supervising teachers.

4.    Prioritizing Habits: In pre-schools, children can automatically learn prioritizing and time management. Through a set time table, teachers make them realize that there are fixed hours for studding, playing and watching AVs too.

5.    Healthy Diet: Eating properly is as essential for the good growth of a child, as it is a beneficiary in the long run of life. Choosing the right food to eat and excluding junk, prepares the taste buds of budding kids in a way that they do not compromise on their health.

6.    Rewards and Merits: In pre-schools, teachers can use stars or smiley, etc., and mark them on kids’ hands for the little good things that the toddlers do. It is these small accolades that bloom these kids into confident adults.

7.    Reading Habit: A good read in the form of pictures and stories can be as delightful as encouraging. A child learns to be attentive, gets to know new words and concepts, and also observes the discipline and code of conduct; it’s a great way of bonding too!

8.    Setting Realistic Goals: Children learn from their mistakes. Teachers can guide the kids towards the right, rather than forbidding them from doing anything. Just saying, “do this instead of that”, makes the child feel positive and build up. Setting small goals like arranging back toys after playing, keeping books after reading make the kids disciplined without any burden.

9.    Budgeting: This is one good trait that is inculcated in children by their teachers at the top day care in South Delhi. Conducting small group activities involving money management at small level will teach kids not to splurge and understand the value of wealth.


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