9 Top Most Reasons Why Fatal Car Accidents Are Happening Nowadays

by Eva Spenser Innovation

Car accidents are quite common these days, and human errors cause the majority of road crashes. Whereas some errors are relatively minor, thousands of lives are taken every year due to some big horrible accidents. With unsafe driving, anyone's life can be at risk and hence, it needs to follow the road rules and traffic laws. However, it is a thing to remember that even if you are careful on the road, it doesn't mean people who are passing you have the same experience or awareness. And there would be loss of lives, resources as well as emotional disturbances. So, it's better to safeguard your life, above all. 

Before you take your car out for the day, read out this content to know top 9 causes of road accidents and be aware of not committing them-

1. Distracted driving: Distraction in driving has become one of the major threats for road accidents every year. Hence, it is required to pay attention to the road while driving. Upon taking driving lessons Camberwell, you will be suggested to no call, not getting indulged in anything while getting behind the wheel

2. Drunk driving: Drunk driving is taking away the lives of many every year. Most deadly accidents are caused due to this. Hence, experts recommend to hand over the keys to someone who is not drunk. 

3. Speeding: Many young adults or people with drug influence find it tempting to push the speed limit a bit high. Or sometimes, people running late, find speeding a way to reach a place early. Well, it amongst the deadly causes of road accidents, and you should be within the legal limits.

4. Reckless driving: Changing lanes too abruptly, speeding over the limit or acting aggressively on the road can lead to accidents. At driving schools in Camberwell, you will be taught driving with calm nerves to avoid accidents. 

4. Rain: When it is necessary, we can't avoid driving even if it is raining. However, rain causes slippery roads and sometimes causes the road conditions to be too dangerous due to low visibility. So, if the road condition seems to be slick, you should pull over until the road conditions are stable. 

5. Tailgating: Never go too close to a vehicle, even if it seems extremely slow. Keep a safe distance from vehicle before and behind you to safeguard yourself or act according to sudden turns and brakes. 

6. Improper turns: Driving instructors in Toorak suggest to be aware of street signs and warnings, especially when you are visiting an unfamiliar road. So, always follow the traffic signs and signals before taking turns or slowing/speeding the vehicle. 

7. Potholes: Potholes are quite frustrating for drivers since sometimes drivers can't avoid them. So, it's better to drive around them to avoid damaging your car. But try not to swerve into another lane, when another vehicle is coming on your way. 

8. Tire blowouts: You will get unexpected swerve if tires get flat while driving. Keep yourself calm in such moments and try to keep control over wheels while playing over until it is safe. 

Before you drive, always remember how wonderful your life is and much wonderful you can make it by achieving your dreams and wishes. So, be proactive to take precautions and remove all form of distractions that can hinder your focus while driving. 


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