9 Things You Must Be Aware Of Pregnancy

by Alice Thomas Writer
If you experience pregnancy for the first time, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of. You should know how your baby is growing and developing as your pregnancy progresses. You can do that by getting a private ultrasound scan. Take a look at what are some of the facts that you need to be aware of. 

    1. During pregnancy, your uterus will keep expanding. Usually, its size is like an orange but it becomes typically the size of a watermelon. It can become 500 times the normal size.

    2. Normally pregnancy lasts for around 280 days. So, if you find anything unusual or you have passed your due date, consult your doctor to make sure that your baby is safe. But, longer pregnancies are also common as many women deliver after being pregnant for 10-11 months.

    3. Having a premature baby brings a lot of complications. But as medical science has developed a lot, in most of these cases babies turn out to be extremely healthy. So, you won’t have to be worried about their health and survival.

    4. The blood volume of a pregnant woman increases 40-50% so that the body gets enough oxygen supply that can also be supplied to the fetus. Sufficient blood ensures the normal growth of a baby.

    5. As your blood volume increases, your heart also grows bigger during pregnancy. This happens so that the extra blood can be pumped to the places it needs to be. 

    6. Your feet size also increases during pregnancy. During pregnancy, it is said blood reaches the ankles and feet if you stand for very long and it swells up. In order to lessen the swelling, you need to take lots of rest and especially rest your feet by keeping them up.

    7. One surprising fact for many women can be that pregnancy can also lead to change in the voice. This change occurs due to the increase in oestrogen and progesterone which leads to the swelling of the vocal cords.

    8. Even though this fact is a bit controversial but there are some voices that a baby can certainly hear from inside. Not only that by week 25-26, but a baby also becomes quite responsive to sounds.

    9. Gestational diabetes can become a cause of concern if you are not careful and don’t get treatment at the right time. But gestational diabetes can disappear after birth usually, even though it can become life-threatening.

Therefore, keep these facts in mind and make sure you get a private ultrasound scan in Watford.

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