8 Tips You can Use to Mop the Floor Effectively

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Cleaning floors is one of the important parts of daily cleaning chores. If you want your floor clean then just sweeping will not work, you will eventually need to mop. Mopping is extremely important to prevent the floors from grim build-ups. No matter what type of flooring you have here are some tips that can help you get the job done faster. These simple tips will make your floor cleaning process easy.

1. Clear the Space

Before you start cleaning the floor you must make sure you remove the mats, chairs and furniture from the area you want to clean. It is important to reach every spot on the floor with ease. If your furniture is dirty you better clean it before mopping the floor. When your mopping is done, make sure no person steps on the floor until it dries.

2. Sweep the Floor Before Mopping

This step might look unnecessary but just mopping will not help you to pick up the dust and debris completely. Therefore, you should always sweep the floor first before mopping. If you will mop the floor without sweeping it will just push the dirt around instead of cleaning and will even leave scratches on the floor.

3. Use Warm Water

Using warm water to mop the floor softens the dirt and removes it with ease. You can even mix the cleaner with the water for better results. Make sure the bucket is half-filled with water so that you can easily dip the mop in the water for cleaning. If your mop is dried out soak it in the warm water for a few minutes for better cleaning.

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4. Divide the Floor into Sections

Dividing the floors into sections before mopping helps you to get rid of build-up dust and debris easier. When you divide the floor into sections it spreads the cleaning solution in a particular rather than scrubbing the dirt everywhere.

5. Remember to Rinse & Wring the Mop

Don’t forget to wring the mop once you finish one section. It is important to wring out the mop otherwise the dirt from one part of the floor will spread to the other part of the floor. If you have a hardwood floor, you may need to rinse the mop twice.

6. Change the Cleaning Solution

While mopping the floor the cleaning solution gets darker after some time due to the presence of dust and dirt. Make sure you change your cleaning solution when you notice the water has become dirty as it will not get the floor clean.

7. Dip the Mop

One of the important tips is that dip your mop in the cleaner before start wiping the other section of the floor. Every time you mop the floor repeat this step until you get a cleaned floor. Make sure the bucket is kept near to you so you can easily wring the mop from time to time.

8. Allow the Floor to Air Dry

When you finish mopping the floor, remember to open the windows or doors so that the floor gets dried with the outside air. Most people make use of fans for drying the floors. But you should use this technique only when the streaks are bad. After the floor is dried move all your mats, chairs and furniture to their respective places. Also, don’t forget to hang the mop as leaving it in the bucket can cause it to smell bad.


Mopping should be an important task in your everyday household chores. The above-given tips will be extremely helpful for you in mopping the floors effectively. Cleaning the floors regularly keeps the mould and bacteria out of the house. Although mopping is a kind of task, but mopping is important to have a clean home. If your mopping supplies are old-fashioned you can even purchase new cleaning supplies from various Indian online shopping sites at great discounts.

Source: 8 Tips You can Use to Mop the Floor Effectively

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