8 Things To Consider Before Buying A Car Battery

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Your car can suddenly stop in the middle of a road because of a battery shortage. What can you do other than call the experts who can change your car's battery? But before they assist you with a new battery, check out for some essential aspects of a new battery. Considering these basic things is important for buying a car battery in 2022. Before calling a company that offers towing in Melbourne, check out this list. Here, you'll find all the necessary considerations about how to purchase a car battery.

Battery Freshness

There is a code in the battery that consists of numbers and letters. This indicates the freshness of a battery. The letter stands for the month whereas the number stands for the year of manufacture. You should never buy a battery that is older than six months from the date of manufacture.

Battery Size

Car batteries are divided into group sizes that indicate the length, width, and height of the battery. You can find out the battery size required by checking the owner's manual or consulting with your mechanic and then making a comparison between car batteries. The right battery size is the one that fits perfectly in the battery tray securing the battery and preventing damage arising from vibrations.

Reserve Capacity

How long a battery can run is notified by this capacity. The experts of the company that offers cheap towing in Melbourne say, "Having a high reserve capacity helps the car through tough situations such as a non-compliant engine, alternator failure and accidentally leaving lights on."

Power Requirement

This refers to Cranking Amps (CA) and Cold Cranking Amps (CCA). Cranking Amps is the energy returned to start a vehicle at temperatures of 32° Fahrenheit while cold-cranking amp points to the ability of the battery to start a car at 0° Fahrenheit. CCA applies for cold climates and batteries with higher CCA are recommended.


There are two scenarios here: the low maintenance and the maintenance-free type. The maintenance-free car battery is usually sealed and the liquid electrolyte can run throughout the battery life with no need for replacement. Low maintenance batteries are unsealed with caps that allow you to add distilled water occasionally.

Type And Positioning Of Terminals

The polarity of a car is highly affected by the position of the positive terminal. There is a risk of shorting if the position terminal contacts the metal shell of the car. It is very crucial to check what side the positive terminal is located on. Companies that offer car towing services in Melbourne along with battery exchange know how to find the right side. The positive terminal can be located either on the right or left side of the car depending on the type of car.


Don't forget to check the warranties and choose a battery with a long period of free replacement. Warranty periods are measured by a figure combining the free replacement period allowing for partial reimbursement of the purchase sum of the battery for a limited period.

Ampere Hour

This refers to how much electricity the battery can store. A battery with a higher Ah can maintain a load for a long time thus chances of the battery running out are less.

Experts who offer battery exchange and tow truck service in Melbourne will suggest to you these common 8 things to consider before you finally buy a car engine.

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