8 Signs of Bed Bugs You Should Not Ignore

by Florabel D. Data Analyst / SEO / Research

Although they are very tiny, bed bugs can be a big problem the moment they infest your home. Indeed, these pesky pests are usually not easily detected but there are subtle signs of bed bug infestation that every homeowner must not ignore. 

Bed bugs are reddish-brown oval-shaped nocturnal insects that survive by gorging on human blood especially when the victim is sleeping. This is why bed bugs are always thought of as attacking people during the night. These critters are just about the size of an apple seed yet their bites can be so itchy that most people will experience restlessness and may suffer from infection and allergic reaction.

Unlike other nuisance pests, however, bed bugs do not carry or transmit diseases and viruses. Still, we must prevent these creatures from multiplying and invading our homes. The first thing to do is to identify any indications of their presence. Below are the signs you must look out for to determine if you have bed bugs at home:

  1. You have red itchy bite marks on exposed parts of your body the following morning after you wake up.

This is the most obvious sign that bed bugs could be dwelling in your household particularly your bedroom. If you haven’t had itchy red bite marks by the time you went to bed but then you find yourself having them by the time you woke up, bed bugs could be the culprit. Bed bug bites are known to look like flat red welts on the skin. Most people react to these bites by itching so much while some people do not have any reaction at all. Be mindful when scratching the bites though, to prevent your skin from getting inflamed and infected. 

  1. The bite marks appear in clusters generally in a zigzag pattern or straight line.

Typically, bed bug bites appear in groups in a distinct pattern. This is what separates them from the bites of fleas and mosquitos. If you see 3 to 5 bite marks lining up on your cheek, neck, arms, legs, stomach, or any parts of your body that are exposed during your sleep, do not take this sign for granted. Also, unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites stay longer on your skin. Their itchiness is enough to give people sleepless nights and even depression.

  1. You sense a lingering offensive musty smell in your bedroom.

Having bed bugs is not an indication that your home is dirty. The truth is that any household can be infiltrated by bed bugs since these pests are great hitchhikers. However, the bed bugs’ scent glands naturally release pheromones which cause a strong odor in the atmosphere. When a great number of these critters group together, you will notice a moldy or stale smell that resembles that of old locker rooms or of damp cloth or towel being left for days.

  1. Your bed sheets and/or pillowcases are stained with blood.

Bed bugs are voracious bloodsuckers and it is possible that you may kill them and squash their blood-filled bodies in your slumber. As a result, you will have blood spots on your sheets, on your pajamas, or on your skin. This will tell you that you may be facing a bed bug problem.

  1. There is a presence of fecal spots on your mattresses.

The feces of bed bugs are rusty or dark in color and once you have bed bugs inhabiting your bedroom, these dark fecal matters may stain your mattress and may emit a bad odor when touched.

  1. Your wall or wallpapers have dark stains on them.

Although bed bugs are normally found in mattresses, this does not mean they cannot be found in other places besides your bed. In fact, your wall can also provide perfect hiding spots for these pesky bugs. Try checking under your wallpapers for dark stains caused by the bed bugs’ feces.

  1. You find bed bug shells.

Bed bugs molt or shed skin about five times for them to reach full maturity. If you have a bed bug infestation, it is normal that you will spot brownish oval flakes on your headboard or on any fabric including upholstered furniture, clothes, and mattress.

  1. You have friends or neighbors who also have bed bug problems.

Being experts in hitchhiking, bed bugs can easily spread from one house to another. They can cling onto people’s clothes or luggage and infiltrate your home without knowing that you are carrying with you this irksome crawlies. If you visit a friend or neighbor whose home is also infested by bed bugs, it is highly possible that you will become the means for these pests to enter your property.

Bed bugs may be harmless as they don’t transmit diseases, but having them in your household can be extremely bothersome for you and your family. If you have fully confirmed that you have bed bugs inside your home, get hold of pest control services such as bed bug heat treatment to address your bed bug problem immediately.

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