8 Popular Short Distance Moving FAQs!

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Most of the time, when the matter is nothing but a local move, people tend to go casual on their planning approach. They think moving locally is just like traveling local and that if a professional mover like Agarwal Packers is appointed, the whole episode will happen without effort. Well, is that so? 

Isn’t there anything called development and designing in a move? Is there no place for brainstorming and decision-making in a relocation project? Well, there certainly is and that is what we are going to talk about in this questionnaire. Through these questions, which are the queries put up by our previous moving customers, we have tried to offer solutions that they can go through to acquire useful details about the move.

Find them below and prepare yourself well.

1. I want my goods to be packed by professionals and moved by local transporter. Is that possible?

Yes. That is also possible. Customers, who believe that hiring top-notch moving companies for house moving tasks is expensive on a budget, can choose local transporters in their vicinity to carry out their move. The only thing that is to be ensured is whether the local mover is qualified to perform the task safely or not. For that, you must at least do some research so you can get your hands on a proficient deal.

There is one primary thing that should be considered at this point. If you get your goods packed by experts but somehow the move hits a mishap and the goods undergo severe damage, there will be no advantage of seeking professional packing services. So, choosing complete professional logistics services from one specific company remains a better option.

2. How can I be sure of my furniture and fittings when they are moved?

If you are moving with an authorized moving company and have bought moving insurance to seek recovery if any damage is caused during the move, you are sorted. But considering yours to be a local move, if you are not keeping a suitable insurance cover in place, you could be risking your possessions significantly. Besides, the main thing lies in quality packing which if you choose professional movers, remains an unbreakable promise, because they use durable packing materials like furniture pads and moving blankets to ensure optimum protection to your wooden fittings and fixtures.

3. Do I need moving insurance?

Of course! There is no point in not keeping full-coverage moving insurance in place. No matter how strict your budget is or how close you are moving your goods, relocations should be conducted in the complete presence of moving insurance. For the high-value items and other fragile goods in your collection, you must opt for full-value insurance and get the repayment terms clarified ahead of the move itself so that you are aware of the percentage of damage covered in the insurance plan.

4. Do you also have exceptions when it comes to moving goods?

Every moving company like Agarwal Packers and Movers has its set of moving directives that they follow and also advise customers to abide by the same, but there are certain things like perishable items, explosives, flammables, etc. that are simply not advised to be moved. To ensure the move happens in utmost safety, the moving company shares a list of prohibited items that neither they pack nor they allow customers to pack and transport. You must take serious note of them before you move.

5. I want all my precious articles to reach my new home safely. How can I be sure of it?

With experts, relocations are not just smoother but safer too. Every household article owned by the customer is handled carefully and packed correctly so that it gets the required protection and attention during the journey. Then for certain extraordinary items and possessions, several movers have their dedicated line of handling and moving services you can choose from but regardless of that, you must also be prepared for uncertainties because moves are like that.

6. What if I pack my belongings myself?

You or anyone else, who is moving, can pack his belongings on his own without any issue. Customers do prepare their possessions when they move but then you have to be very clear that if any damage is caused to them throughout the move shall not be covered by the moving company. When the movers did not even work on your properties for the move, how can they be responsible for the damages caused? So, keep this in mind and make a decision.

7. Can I move cleaning liquids and similar stuff?

No. Any kind of liquid that has chemicals contained within cannot be moved. No matter whomever you choose to move your goods with. Not even local movers will agree to move those for you. But if you are moving items that are not harsh or harmful for the move, those can be packed well in vacuum bags or plastic wraps efficiently so they remain safe and do not spill during the move. But still, we would advise you to discuss your moving needs with the movers and they will help you with what is recommended and what is not.

8. How much would I need to spend on my move?

It all depends on the distance of your move, the volume of possessions you move, and the services you opt for. For local moves, the moving rates are not that high but then, if you have got a lot to transport to the destination, and more helping hands are involved, the moving expenses are bound to rise. But unlike long-distance moves, local moves are easy on the pocket and if you get to compare and evaluate more than one moving quote and discuss your requirements and budget with the mover, you can grab yourself a smart moving option.

At times, questionnaires like these come in handy when we are finding answers to our queries around. If you are also planning an upcoming move with Agarwal Movers and Packers, have these questions addressed by them so you remain sorted and prepped up!

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